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12 Products From iDesign That You Definitely Want in Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a haven for good times, good food, and good fun! Keep it clean, organized, and wholesome by investing in the right products that will elevate your space. InterDesign or iDesign is known for creating revolutionary products that can change the way you cook, store, clean, organize, and much more. From bins to baskets, there are plenty of products you simply must have in your kitchen. But you can’t have them all; that’s why we’ve made this essential list of some of our top favorite picks from iDesign that you should consider investing in for your kitchen.

Let’s take a look:

Wood Handled Bin 10 x 5 x 4 inch

This product is made from materials that are eco-friendly and is perfect for storing cans, juice packets, food packets, bathroom items. The bin is easy to carry as it comes with handles on both sides.

Ecowood Natural Paulownia Wood Open Front Storage Bin 11.46 X 8 X 10 inch

This product is designed for optimal storage of vegetables and fruits. The front and top of the iDesign bin is open for easy access, better air movement and for visibility. It is also stain resistant so you can also store even packaged items. You can also use it in areas other than the kitchen like offices for lining files, craft rooms, closets, etc.

Ecowood Natural Paulownia Wood 10.5 inch Tall Turntable Organizer

This wooden circular storage organizer can be put on multiple surfaces and the turntable rotational system makes accessibility a breeze. To ensure the stored items don’t fall, the circumference has raised edges. Along with that the product is made with Paulownia wood that is sustainably sourced.

Crisp Tableware Turntable Clear

This plastic rotating organizer is built for usage in multiple places. The compact design allows you to store it on kitchen shelves and drawers. You can also keep it on top of a dining table and the turntable mechanism allows everyone to easily access each item. The product is designed with a partition that divides it into 2 sections giving you the option to store multiple types of items with ease.

Classico Stackable Basket 8 x 10 x 7.75 inch Matte Black

You can store almost everything in this basket. The durable design gives you the option to store semi heavy items and the compact size makes space usage optimal. The basket is easy to clean and you can even use it to carry products from one place to another with ease because of its lightweight.

Linus Two Tier Spice Rack Clear

A spice rack is a must in every kitchen. Not only does it improve space utilization but also gives a kitchen a clean look. This spice rack from iDesign does just that and more. The two-tiered design gives you plenty of storage capacity and ease of access. The materials used are long lasting, durable and are corrosion resistant. You can safely store your spices without worrying about them going bad.

Linus Coffee Pod Stackable 2 Tier Box with Lid Clear

This product is made for coffee aficionados who always start their day with coffee by making their coffee in their coffee maker. The coffee pods that go into the coffee maker can be a pain when it comes to storage. Most solutions come with limited capacity or don’t have the capability to store such pods in the first place. This box is designed specifically for storing coffee pods and is surely going to make your life easier.

York Lyra Expandable Shelf 9.5 x 22.2 x 5.7 inch Bronze

Sometimes when you are working in the kitchen you wish that your shelf had a little more capacity to keep a few things more. While it may not be possible or feasible to give your kitchen a makeover to increase shelf length, you can get a shelf extension of sorts. The smart design is made for improving the shelf capacity and giving you more space for easy storage.

Forma 2 Flatware Organizer Matte 7.4 x 2.5 x 4.7 inch

Perfect for storing cutlery and putting expensive cutlery on display when guests come over. This transparent organizer is perfect for any kitchen and is designed to last for years because of strong materials.

Classico Cabinet Lid Rack 17 x 11 x 4 inch

Storing lids can be challenging because of how they are designed. You can’t stack them one over the other like plates and there’s no standard product in the market that is designed to specifically rack lids. Until now! This uniquely designed storage solution specifically made for racking lids makes this easy and accessibility effortless.

Classico Skillet Organizer 10.8 x 9.09 x 7.9 inch Chrome

A skillet organizer seems like a dream come true for any home organizer. Think about all the space you would space in your cabinet. InterDesign’s latest product does just that. This durable product gives you an amazing design that allows you to store skillets like never before. Stack them one above the other and you can place the organizer in both vertical and horizontal positions to best utilize space as per your needs.

Classico Cookware Organizer 16.5 x 7.1 x 5.3 inch

Last, but the most crucial on our list is the InterDesign Classico Cookware Organiser – a must-have product that helps you keep your pots, pans, and other cookware in order. No more stumbling between stacks of cookware to find what you need, as this organizer rack has designated spaces for each item, making storage, organization, and access a breeze.

These are some of the most innovative products from iDesign that must have surely impressed the homemaker in you. If you want to learn more about the products and want to buy them online, you can visit Homesmiths for a massive range of InterDesign products.

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