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All You Need to Know About Haier’s Newly Launched TV

The enormous Chinese company Haier introduced their top technological TVs in India in a recent event. They are the Quantum Dot 4K Slim LED and the Quantum Dot 4K Curved LED. The brand-new Android-powered operating system has UHD and HDR display features. These new Haier models provide the best features ever seen on television. This is because they run on the Android operating system and has all the capabilities of a smart TV. The vivid colours, the crisp picture, and the greatest sound with Dolby Decoder go even better with this ultra-thin 55-inch and 65-inch models. It is a wise decision if you want to get a Haier TV at the lowest price. You may get the best experience of watching videos at your home. These TVs come with extraordinary features and minimal prices. The sound quality of these models is also unmatched. But you need to know everything about these models before buying one.

Haier produced two new models of LED TVs: the Quantum Dot 4K Slim LED and the Quantum Dot 4K Curved LED. Each of them has a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution and is readily connected to Wi-Fi. Thus, you can watch a variety of TV episodes and movies online. These televisions also have a smart sharing feature. This feature allows users to wirelessly link their smartphones to the TV and view mobile material on the bigger screen. Consider these two models if you want to buy a Haier TV.

A novel feature that has never been seen before is the smart remote control with the ‘Shake the Remote’ feature and its QWERTY keypad. Haier is expanding its premium LED TV line with the introduction of Haier Quantum Dot televisions. This company wants to ensure the highest picture quality and a lasting immersive experience. 

The prices for the 65-inch and 55-inch Haier Quantum Dot 4K Slim LED TVs are Rs. 2,69,990 and Rs. 2,19,990 respectively. The 65-inch and 55-inch variants of the Quantum Dot 4K Curved LED TV cost approximately Rs. 2,59,990 and Rs. 2,09,990, respectively. Consider these models if you want a low price TV with advanced technologies. 

These new sets are currently offered in numerous locations and even online throughout India. Remember to purchase the extended warranty plan to extend the TV’s protection if you intend to purchase one. 

Benefits of these TVs:

  • Precise colour and higher peak brightness – The colour created will be more accurate because quantum dots can be tweaked to emit the exact amount of light. The nanocrystals may render colours with a wider spectrum without compromising saturation at maximum brightness. This makes it possible to see photos well, even in rooms with strong lighting. Additionally, brightness plays a crucial role in the high dynamic range (HDR) experience. It ensures that all light and colour details onscreen appear more realistic.
  • Better energy efficiency – A single blue light can provide all the energy that is needed for quantum dots to function. In fact, they can use between 30% and 50% less electricity while producing a brightness boost of 30%. Costs are decreased as a result of the decreased power consumption. QLED screens emit exact colours for increased energy efficiency, in contrast to typical LCDs that waste energy blending and balancing various hues.
  • Longer lifespan and low burn-in – QLED displays are based on current LCD technology. They have a longer lifespan due to their reliance on cutting-edge, energy-efficient backlighting. Additionally, quantum dot technology does not deteriorate with time. This makes QLED displays less vulnerable to burn-in. Burn-in occurs when a portion of an image remains visible on the screen as a ‘ghost’ and refuses to fade away. This only occurs when each self-illuminating pixel gradually dims.
  • Versatile sizes and thinner panels – It is simpler and less expensive to manufacture quantum dots. QLED displays can be created in a wider range of sizes and can be as big as 98 inches. The QLEDs are simple to travel and install because they may also be used on broad, slender, and flexible LCD screens.

It is obvious that quantum dot displays provide colour-rich visuals in addition to numerous other advantages. Quantum dot displays can transform the ordinary viewing experience into a cinematic pleasure from a gamer’s standpoint. It should be noted that quantum dot technology is always being improved. The main goal is to provide more cost-effective displays, have better colour performance, and have higher brightness.

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