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Ready to Build? Here’s an Ultimate Checklist for First-Time Custom Home Builders

Turning your dream house into a real house is the most exciting stage in life. Who doesn’t love the smell of a new home, right? People are generally in love with the idea of something new – new look, new shoes, new scents, new flavours – but there is so much to feel about a new house for sure. 

Planning to build a house begins long before the four foundations are poured. Between finances, design and luxury home builders services, constructing your very first house is no small undertaking. Because house is a whole-life investment that is more than just any other pricey things you bought from a store, home building requires comprehensive research, planning, and consideration before taking the formal process. 

Because this is about your very first home, we want to make it a less difficult home building experience for you. To help you out, we’ve provided a checklist of all the major factors to consider in the building process. 

First-Time Custom Home Builders’s Checklist

✓ Know your budget.

The amount of money you can afford to pay for the construction is the most complex piece in the home-building puzzle. Make sure to plan ahead on your the estimated budget. For starters, some people consider taking out loans and mortgages. The cost that you put in a new house does not only proceed to the construction itself, so you also have to prepare the pockets for some hidden expenses. Allocate the budget for estimated utility costs, taxes, furnishings, upgrade of kitchen and laundry appliances, landscape, annual maintenance and other bundles of expenses that are not yet included in your building contract.    

When planning the budget, do not rely on your friends and family alone. It would be ideal to consult your accountant or any other financial advisor that can help you better draw your budget. Then again, do not forget to involve your good instinct as well. Your house, your decisions.     

✓ Find a location. 

The next big thing to think about is where on the planet your home address will be located. They say that a house may depreciate over time but the value of the land property will stay the same and may even increase in the future. It would be great to choose a wider, better-shaped, and better-situated land property if possible. 

When looking for a good location, you have to consider its centrality because land properties in cities that are highly developed may tend to have higher prices compared to cities in the suburbs. Also, take note of the neighbourhood, accessibility, and chances of commercial development in the future.   

✓ Work with experts. 

If you want to turn your dream house into a beautiful reality, you will have to line up a team that includes only the best builders, designers, excavators, and surveyors out there. Most homeowners decide to hire a contractor who is responsible to select the rest of his team members. Hiring a pro can help you decide and modify the room sizes, floor plan, window styles, and other important details. This strategy is a great way to avoid mistakes and unwanted results in the long run.   

✓ Obtain insurance.

Home insurance is another element that runs under your budget plan. Not everyone, however, should buy home insurance for a replacement cost. But, most homeowners are considering this option basically to secure their house in case of sudden disasters and other emergencies. When you apply for home insurance, you’re likely to receive the replacement cost that will cover certain damages at home. Although applying for a home insurance policy is not an easy task. There are also factors that you have to think about including the price, coverage, and annual increases. 

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