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Laminates That Last A Century

We know you are thinking of redesigning the interiors of your home or maybe planning to enhance the beauty of your workplace or comfort place. In any of such cases, high gloss laminate sheets prove to be the best pick. It is made by combining kraft paper sheets, resin, and decorative paper.

High-pressure laminate is the priority for every home designer as it builds a sense of sophistication without being expensive. These sheets also have many benefits that serve right to every penny spent on buying them. Though these sheets have many uses and applications, most people don’t know about them. Through this blog, we are going to provide all the message information about laminates that would suit you and your home the best and will last forever.

CenturyLaminates are made by combining decorative papers, resin, and many layers of kraft paper. The output of this combination is treated under pressure and heat to make laminate sheets that are long-lasting, strong, stunning, and resilient. These sheets do not limit only to your kitchen or bedroom but serve up to the rigorous demands of healthcare, hospitality, and so on.

CenturyLaminates were specially made to complement contemporary lifestyle statements with modern living. There is a wide range of laminates available in the market. As a bonus, all the CenturyLaminates come with- 7 years warranty. So, let us look into the different laminates that would last as long as you want them to.

   1. Lucida

These laminates are highly glossy and come with high resistance to tears, scratches, and stains. These sheets are also antibacterial and antimicrobial. Lucida laminates are effortlessly beautiful and low maintenance, which imparts strength and beauty to all parts of your home and workplace.

So, you can say goodbye to your stress and worries about maintenance with Lucida glossy laminates. They provide a mirror-like glaze that will shine in your home forever. Lucida laminates are highly suitable for crowded places like the kitchen, restaurants, showrooms, counters, etc.

   2. Silk Tuff

These laminates are beautifully designed to give your home a European Matt finish look. It also has antibacterial properties, which makes it the perfect choice for family houses. Silk Tuff laminates are meant to give your furniture a touch of sophistication to bring life to your home. These are best used- in bedrooms, kid’s rooms, office cubicles, etc.

   3. No fingerprint

Sometimes when you touch your table or kitchen cabinet designs, your fingerprints are left behind, which can be hell to be cleaned up. With CenturyLaminates, you can forget about leaving fingerprints on your tables, desk, cabinets, etc. All the CenturyLaminates have this feature embedded to prevent fingerprints on the surface.

All the sheets are created using high pressure and temperature, which makes them anti-fingerprint and easy to clean surfaces. These sheets are the best choice for places that require hygiene and sanitation, such as toilets, kitchens, offices, hospitals, etc.

   4. Star Line

These are 0.8 mm thick laminates by CenturyLaminates. Star Line has great potential that could easily resist abrasion, a high percentage for colour fastness, and also provides strong bonding with substrates because of their uniformity.

   5. Antibacterial laminates

CenturyLaminates is the only brand that manufactures laminates that are 99.99% bacteria-proof. The products by CenturyLaminates contain Virokill technology that is known to kill almost all the germs and viruses that land on the surface, preventing their growth and ensuring hygiene and safety.

  6. BWR laminates

These types of laminates are specially made for kitchens and bathroom areas. These places have water usage, which can easily decay the furniture. BWR laminates are highly water resistant, which prevents the decaying and swelling of the furniture, keeping it intact for a longer period.

The reasons for picking CenturyLaminates for longer and better use do not end here. Finding the right material for your furniture is like winning a lottery. You don’t get to renovate your home daily as it is time and money-consuming. Because of this, during the initial days, finding the right materials for the protection of your household needs is important. CenturyLaminates  is here to fulfill those needs within your budget and schedule.


These are some of the laminates manufactured by CenturyLaminates that have been embedded with several functionalities. CenturyLaminates has a wide range of laminates you can choose from according to your preference and idea. These laminates provide different benefits, but the core values of every laminate are that they all possess Virokill technology, have the potential to withstand weight, are easy to clean, and are affordable.

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