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Minimalist decoration: a refined cocoon and a simplified daily life

Born in the 60s in contradiction to the Pop art movement, minimalist decoration has become a real institution. The interior is a place of resource, conviviality, reunion. The sanctuary that cuts off from life at work, from the flow of the street, which allows you to rest. Minimalism allows you to purify your cocoon in order to bring more peace…

Minimalist decoration: from beauty to simplicity

Born in the 60s in contradiction to the Pop art movement, minimalist decoration has become a real institution.

The interior is a place of resource, conviviality, reunion. The sanctuary that cuts off from life at work, from the flow of the street, which allows you to rest. Minimalism allows you to purify your cocoon of life in order to bring more peace and focus on what really matters. The principle is to create a functional decoration, with space and light, keeping only the essentials.

Discover the codes of minimalism, the essentials for a refined interior and a simplified home life.

Purify to breathe, move and soothe

Space, the priority of minimalism

The space allows you to breathe, move easily and soothe the restless spirits of the day. The first essential step will therefore be: sorting. This is the basic principle of minimalism: keep only what is essential to us, useful and that we really like. So prepare the ground by clearing the way, keep what you use daily, a few decorative objects that you carry in your heart, and the furniture that you will never get tired of. By reducing your possessions you will lighten the general atmosphere of the house, but also your spirit.

Light is also an important element. Favor natural light by getting rid of too heavy curtains or small furniture blocking the sun in front of the windows. Choose sheers that will make a room brighter. If you are not exposed to the sun much, consider the mirrors at the back of the room and the lacquered furniture for a bright minimalist contemporary decor.

A visually depolluted and airy house

For a minimalist decoration, the mess is to be banned. Multiply the storage solutions. Prefer low and closed furniture, where you can store your laundry, your decorative objects that you do not want to expose. Check for more right now at Homary! High cupboards are also good allies, because built into the wall they do not crush the room and save storage space. Find a place for each object, your daily life will be simplified.

Then, the choice of furniture is a step not to be overlooked. Reducing the number of pieces of furniture does not mean giving up comfort, quite the contrary! Take the time to find quality pieces that fit perfectly into your interior and showcase what you own. Opt for clean lines, rather simple and low designs to create a harmonious and airy atmosphere. Indeed, a timeless and natural style will allow you to give grandeur to your interior.

The codes of a minimalist interior

Art and matter

Because there is little ornament, the minimalist decor shows its strength and its character with a wide range of materials. Prefer raw and natural materials such as linen, wood and stone. Polished concrete is often present in minimalist interiors: often in the bathroom or on the floor of day rooms. To bring a sophisticated touch you can bet on noble materials: a marble planter, a cashmere plaid or a wool pouf.

Depending on the style you choose, a wide choice of materials is available to you: metal, Plexiglas, glass, stainless steel, seagrass, cotton… Just be sure to keep a certain harmony in your combinations. It is the adjusted mix of materials that will bring depth and originality to your interior.

Sober colors

Because minimalism is a style aimed at soothing and simplifying, neutral and light colors are therefore to be preferred. Thus, white will illuminate a room and make it seem larger. Beige or light gray adds warmth and softness. This calm atmosphere can be enhanced by a few black elements to contrast, or touches of color to brighten up. In order to keep a unity throughout your home, avoid busy and varied patterns.

A very versatile minimal style

It’s all in the details

The white walls and the neutral colors are a very nice base for the last touches of subtlety: the details. It is these finishes that will give the final shine of life to your interior. Patinated door handles, ceramic switches or sockets in the colors of the wall are examples that complete a room.

For decorative objects choose colors and shapes that echo your furniture. Minimalism can be found in cupboards, on your table or at the edge of your bathtub. Keeping this spirit of continuity, think of simple dishes, plain kitchen towels, jars for your pantry or reusable and aesthetic bottles for your bathroom. In addition, words and labels in flashy colors cause visual noise and easily break a peaceful decor. The atmosphere of minimalism is thought out as a whole.

Minimalism in your image

Once the decor is complete, here are some tips to further personalize your interior, but always in a minimal spirit. Family photos can be grouped together in a pretty linen book to be placed next to the sofa. Instead of fifteen colorful candles with various scents, choose a simple and quality one with a scent that is pleasant and familiar to you, you will enjoy lighting it when you get home. Objects that you have hunted down match the tones of the room, a particular painting… It is possible to have a sober and personalized interior.

Finally, plants are also welcome in a clean interior, choose a few carefully. Avoid buying dozens of them, a beautiful plant will have more effect than ten small ones in a simple room. It will bring life and a part of nature into your living room.

Minimalism and the mix of other styles

Minimalist decoration can be combined with contemporary decoration. Contemporary design codes are similar to minimalism: space, open surfaces and a refined atmosphere. You have to understand minimalism as a base, a concept that adapts to several styles, not just contemporary. It fits very well with the Scandinavian style for example, or industrial. Mediterranean trends are also in agreement, and the codes are found in the Japanese style. Even vintage furniture can add character to a minimalist interior while keeping it simple.

A philosophy of life

Overall, minimalism is a philosophy of life: living with less but better. It joins other currents which also make this link between decoration and our well-being, such as Feng shui and wabi sabi. Indeed, we spend a lot of time in our apartments, our houses, and it is essential to feel good there, at home and at peace. So an environment that’s simple, tidy and furnished with things that bring us joy allows us to save time and energy for the things that really matter: our passions, family, friends and what we enjoy life.


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