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Why do Doors Decide the First Impression of Any Room or Space?

It is a popular saying that the first impression is the last. The first thing anyone sees when they are entering a space is the door. The door makes or breaks the whole image of the room. The material and choice of style regarding your door can speak volumes about your personality and self.


You should choose plywood over real wood for a variety of reasons, which we will highlight in this article. One thing is for sure, CenturyPly gives you access to the best quality plywood for your space. Our plywood is processed using only premium quality materials which are sure to make the appearance of your home appear dramatically better.

Benefits of plywood doors

CenturyPly, a flush doors manufacturer and a plywood manufacturer, is an excellent choice to purchase the best quality plywood. If you are confused about choosing between plywood and other materials for your spaces, let us look at the various ways plywood is a better choice for your doors than other doors.

Elegance to look at!

Most of us often look for an option to add our own touch of personality to our spaces. These plywood doors have a unique texture and give a natural look and vibe. Hence, having a plywood door surely uplifts the entire theme of your home decor.


When we invest, we of course want it to stay in the best possible condition. Plywood is a great choice when considering durability since this material will not make you take multiple trips to the hardware store to get repair materials. Moreover, they fare well in the outdoors as well so you do not have to worry about your doors biting the dust if used outdoors.

Low maintenance 

Plywood doors are great for another reason, they are extremely low maintenance. You do not have to make any extra tips to the hardware store in this regard either. Plywood does not require you to purchase any building materials frequently, it’s a one-in-a-blue moon occasion, if at all. When it comes to cleaning, all you need is some simple soap and water to wipe the wood down. This way any stains and dust will be wiped off. No fancy cleaning materials are required.


Owing to the several layers of wood veneer on this type of wood, plywood doors are extremely strong, which adds to their durability. These doors can survive under the most extreme weather conditions, which makes them perfect for use anywhere you want them to be. In short, these doors fare well under most kinds of circumstances. It is also a well-known fact that plywood which is heavier is stronger and thus, more durable.


As compared to actual real wood, it is a comparatively cheaper option. The great thing is, it is not just less expensive to buy, but way cheaper to maintain as well. As said before, they do not require any expensive cleaning or maintenance materials. All this helps cut back on costs more than any other form of wood would. Plus, they look good!

Can be cut easily 

Plywood can be easily cut into various shapes of any size. This is another way in which they are customisable. Since you can cut them into any shape you want to, you can add your own touch to your doors, by making them in whatever style you prefer.


Doors made from CenturyPly Sanik 710 plywood are waterproof. With the current climate and constantly changing weather conditions, your furniture can be affected in a bad manner. From dirt to pollution and moisture, everything can have deficient effects on your wood. This is why the plywood like Sainik 710 made at CenturyPly is made to absorb less water and protect your wood for as long as possible.


How often have you been frustrated with termites invading and, consequently, destroying your precious wood? This is a common problem we all face rather frequently. Therefore, having termite-resistant wood is a quality that is greatly appreciated in our purchases. Hence, another great feature of CenturyPly plywood is that it is resistant to termites.

Industry Standard Quality 

CenturyPly provides you with only the best quality plywood that subparts all industry standards. The investment you make in plywood should reap as many benefits as possible. Thus, make sure to do thorough research and investigate the quality of the plywood you are considering before making your purchase. The way you identify plywood that meets industry standard requirements is by keeping an eye out for the ISI (Indian Standard Industry certification)mark. This mark is confirmation that said products meet all standard requirements.


In this article, we have talked about the various benefits of plywood and specifically, CenturyPly plywood. There is no doubt that plywood is better than real wood for numerous reasons. If you were hesitant about making this choice, hopefully, this article helped clear the fog and make your decision!


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