Best Laptops in 2021 for Home, Office and Gaming

Laptops are classified as gaming, normal, and business laptops. Thus when buying one, you need to check out depending on your needs. Gaming laptops are more powerful than a business laptop. Furthermore, gaming computers are specially made for playing high-graphic games. Due to these, they need bigger amounts of computing-power and they are made with extra components like high core-count CPUs, more RAM, and graphics cards.

Business laptops are normally used for emailing, viewing movies, streaming, browsing & typing. Due to this, their interior features don’t need to be improved like in gaming computers. Below are the differences between gaming laptops & business laptops.

Features Of Gaming Laptops

High GPU Power

Gaming laptops come with a high GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) power. This is among the major characteristics of gaming laptops. Therefore, when a laptop has graphic cards like the GeForce RTX series and GeForce GTX series then, it’s made for gaming.

RAM And ROM Size

Random-access memory is normally on the higher side of gaming laptops. Furthermore, they also come with dedicated Virtual Random Access Memory (VRAM). This is specially dedicated to video memory. The minimum RAM size a gaming laptop needs to have is 8GB. Furthermore, ROM(Read Only Memory) has to be sufficient to hold more games. Normally, gaming laptops need to have a minimum space of HDD of 1TB.

Good Resolution

There will be no gaming without a good resolution. Normally gaming laptops have awesome resolutions like FHD, 4k, UHD, and 8K. Moreover, for an all-day PC consumer, stability between weight, size, & resolution is required. Furthermore, gaming laptops need to have a bigger display size. Another feature that needs to be on a gaming laptop is a higher refresh rate to allow smooth gaming.


Gaming laptops are normally heavier than business laptops. The reason being they come with two fans which help in cooling the processor. This makes it less portable when compared to business laptops.


Gaming laptops are normally expensive compared to business and normal laptops. However, not all gaming laptops are expensive, there are a few that are budget-friendly.

Battery Power

Battery power isn’t a thing to consider when it comes to gaming laptops. Normally, gaming laptops’ batteries will run-down in just 2-3 hours despite how strong the battery is.

Features of Business Laptop

Durability & Flexibility

Business class-laptops are continuing to break new heights with their new technology. They are made lightweight with a slim & small in a way that you will not even feel you’re carrying a laptop. When it comes to durability, a business laptop is capable of operating for about 72hrs non-stop.

Battery Power

Business laptops are made in a way that you will travel with them. Their battery powers are made to last for long. They can last for about a whopping 15 to 17 hours with a single charge.


A business or normal laptop comes with decent specifications. This makes them best for general and office use. It also comes with fancy designs, lightweight and sleek finishing.


A business laptop also needs storage capacities because it has to deal with more data & computational power. The RAM has to be reasonable to execute programs faster.


Business laptops normally cost relatively low compared to gaming laptops. This is because you do not require a powerful processor to process office work.

Remember a gaming laptop is capable of carrying out other office work and has all other specifications which a normal laptop contains. Furthermore, it’s always good to know your needs first before buying a laptop. This will help you purchase the exact laptop you require. Furthermore, the guidance above will help you differentiate between a gaming laptop and a business laptop.

Why Should You Pick a Gaming Laptop for your Daily Work

Sometimes it happens that you need to have a powerful machine but it’s hard to find that which suits your preference. Moreover, gaming laptops will match all of the choices, even if you’re not into playing games. However, the major purpose of a gaming computer is to play games. The primary purpose of a gaming laptop is to play games. They are also best for people that require laptops for carrying out serious work in an office or school. Below are reasons why you need to buy a gaming laptop for work.


This is the major advantage of any gaming computer. They are made to offer high processing speed. It will process data fast and make it ready for use at any time. Additionally, a gaming computer is capable of handling more data at once, unlike regular computers. Gaming computers tend not to lag or freeze as much. Moreover, it’s best when you will be editing videos or just a bigger program.

High-Quality Parts

Gaming computers are made to handle games hence it’s built to be strong. Additionally, it’s made to offer better images and better audio. Furthermore, with gaming computers, you will have more memory and have extra effective processors that efficiently operate with battery power. With all these features and parts, you will have less hardware & processing issues.


Gaming computers can be upgraded faster than regular computers. The parts just require to be swapped out unlike with other computers. In case a part is damaged, you just need to buy a new one and replace it. This will help you save time and money on buying a new computer. Furthermore, gaming laptops have extra memory slots where you can connect to more than one storage drive. Thus, you will have considerable space.

Unique Design

One can easily differentiate between a gaming laptop and a regular notebook look. Gaming laptops normally come with a distinct and futuristic appearance. Furthermore, gaming computers are also well-known for their neon-colored lighting. They also come with a colored backlit LED-keyboard.

Ease Of Use

A gaming laptop is capable of doing anything that a regular laptop is capable of. Furthermore, they also run the same operating system and programs including an office. Thus, it’s simple to use as normal computers.


Gaming computers are made using strong metal construction. Furthermore, any part of a gaming computer is of high quality. This makes it durable and strong.

High Performance

Gaming laptops are always made to show the best performance which will allow you to play as many games as possible. Additionally, gaming laptops come with a high-performance graphics card. Additionally, they also have a potent processor like the quad-core and a high-speed hard-drive with sufficient memory. This will match your powerful graphics card. Non-gamer need a high performing-laptop that serves them for an extended period.


Gaming laptops are not just for gaming. Individuals with different occupations can use gaming laptops in their business or work. There are more advantages of using a gaming laptop over a normal laptop particularly when working with heavy programs. They are suitable for road warriors, students, people that need a robust computer performance, and people who depend on PCs to earn.

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