Seatgeek Evaluates New Distribution Channels For Expansion

Seatgeek  Find out how the Growth Team at Seatgeek scales growth and testing with mParticle and Tune, which eventually results in an improved user experience while keeping a high level of performance. As per seat geek reviews SeatGeek is an online marketplace that allows customers to purchase tickets to live events such as sporting events, concerts, and theatrical plays. 2009 marked the beginning of operations for the company.

The Platform’s Primary Concentration

The platform’s primary concentration is on mobile devices such as smartphones. Users have the ability to search for events, buy and sell tickets, check seat maps, determine which events offer the best value for tickets, and a great deal more by utilizing both the mobile app and the seat geek reviews website.

The Obstacles That Need To Overcome

seat geek reviews  worked with a variety of different marketing partners in order to increase mobile user acquisition and test out new marketing channels. This was done as part of an effort to acquire app install users in a manner that was both effective and efficient, which was one of the company’s primary marketing objectives.

Effort To Increase The Acquisition Of Mobile Users

This done as a component of an effort to increase the acquisition of mobile users on seat geek reviews . Because Senior Marketing Analyst Nick Gardiner and his team lacked a method to measure and integrate marketing initiatives, they relied on the data provided by various partners, which frequently led to over-attribution.

Integrating Marketing Initiatives

This was a problem because it prevented them from accurately measuring and integrating marketing initiatives. Because of this issue, they were unable to accurately measure and integrate their marketing initiatives. This was a problem for seat geek reviews.

Readily Connect The Data From The Attribution

In addition to this, they were unable to readily connect the data from the attribution with the data from their own systems, which made it difficult for them to optimize or even comprehend how their mobile marketing dollars were being spent. This made it difficult for them to optimize or even comprehend how their mobile marketing dollars were being spent. Because of this, it was difficult for them to optimize or even comprehend how their mobile marketing dollars were being spent. This made it tough for seat geek reviews to.

Time-Consuming Onboarding Requirements

SeatGeek has experienced difficulties as a result of the time-consuming onboarding requirements for new marketing partners. Because the development of the SDK required a considerable upfront investment of developer resources, seat geek reviews was needed to manually submit in-app performance data to each of its marketing partners after the integration was completed.

Seatgeek App And Gardiner’s Increased Testing

Because of the growth of the seat geek reviews and Gardiner’s increased testing and spending, the practice of manually transferring sales and event data across several Excel files at a regular cadence became a cumbersome operation that cost his staff more than 15 hours each week.

The Answers Can Found In This Location

After becoming familiar with mParticle and TUNE, SeatGeek was able to handle two challenges at the same time, which enabled the company to employ just a single solution. seat geek reviews is a consumer data platform that does a variety of things, including collecting and organizing data from a wide variety of sources, and then distributing that data in real time throughout the marketing ecosystem.

Organizing Data From The Marketing Ecosystem

Among other things, seat geek reviews collects and organizes data from the marketing ecosystem. mParticle developed to assist businesses in gaining a deeper understanding of their clientele. The measuring and analyzing of this data is the responsibility of the TUNE Attribution Analytics, which is a component of the TUNE Marketing Console. Because of this, it is now feasible to develop seamless campaign attribution, optimization, and reporting across all of the various marketing partners.

Collect And Evaluate Campaign Data

Gardiner was able to collect and evaluate campaign data from a wide variety of partners, which allowed the company to get around the problem of over-attribution and accomplish what they set out to do, which was to be successful.

Acquire A Deeper Understanding

Gardiner has been able to acquire a deeper understanding of the ways in which customers engage the SeatGeek app as a result of the insights provided by Attribution Analytics, in particular view-through and assisted attribution. In addition to this, Gardiner has established a more in-depth grasp of the effectiveness with which overall user acquisition initiatives carried out.

In addition, TUNE provides access to an application programming interface (API), as well as postback functionalities. SeatGeek should make it very simple to link attribution data with the business and transactional data that it collects. In order to carry out essential internal reporting and analysis, Gardiner is reliant on the use of this instrument.

It Was Not Necessary To Install

Because it activated from within the seatgeek promo code $40 off it was not necessary to install any new code or SDK in order to get Attribution Analytics up and running. Rather, this was the case. (You won’t need the TUNE SDK if you want to use TUNE’s App Store Analytics; instead, you can gain access to them through mParticle if that’s how you want to do it.)

Start Monitoring Campaigns

Gardiner was able to start monitoring campaigns very instantly, simplify the data onboarding process with a low number of developer resources, and send in-app performance data to new marketing partners in a seamless manner because of the real-time data connectivity. Every one of these advantages could obtained with a bare minimum of work.

The Outcomes That Attained

SeatGeek was able to scale its growth while continuously testing new partners and channels because it had a single solution in place that made it possible to evaluate, optimize, and share data about marketing campaigns in a seamless manner. This enabled SeatGeek to scale its growth while simultaneously expanding its partner network and testing new distribution channels.

Because of this, SeatGeek was able to expand its business while also always experimenting with new partners and platforms. Gardiner discovered that they were able to get a twelve percent improvement in the effectiveness of their marketing campaign spending, which may used as demonstrable evidence. His team was able to reclaim an additional 15 hours per week as a direct result of the ease.visit doodle folks

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