Man who correctly predicted US election winners since 1984 predicts Trump’s defeat

A famous American historian and University professor Dr. Allan Lichtman, who has miraculously correctly predicted every United States presidential race winner since the year 1984, including Donald Trump’s shock success in the 2016 Election, has foretold that Trump will not get a term again.

Lichtman estimates the possibilities of the victor based on his “13 Keys to the White House” scale. The keys factor in the backbone of the administration, incumbency, contests, policy changes, scandals, social unrest and even the charm of the occupants and challengers.

As per the order, if six or more of these observations are true, the obligatory party conquer the White House.

The interview aired on “The Morning Show” with Kate Archer Kent on Fox News. Lichtman demonstrated that while elections conventionally are foretold by contemplating the candidates relative to each other, his keys concentrate more on the record of the compelling party.

The Interview with Allan Lichtman for Trump Second Term

Kate Archer Kent: Let’s cut to the chase. Who are you predicting will win in November?

Allan Lichtman: Based upon my 13 keys to the White House, which measure the strength and fulfillment of the gathering holding the White House, it takes six cynical keys to foretell their defeat. That would be Donald Trump and the Republicans. In late 2019, Trump only had four negative keys.

But his failed rejoinder to many pressures that have arisen in 2020 has appeared in the most unexpected and climactic reversal of fortune in the story of the U.S. In the matter of a few months, three more keys have directed against the compelling Trump. With seven negative keys against him, Trump is a foretold loser in his bid for reelection in November.

KAK: Your keys focus more on governing than on campaigning. Why?

AL: The keys are based against the penetration that American regulatory elections are essentially voted up or down on how well the party holding the White House has commanded. Lectures, discussions, ads, the tricks of the drive fundraisers, all these common measures have essentially no impact on the result of the election.

The keys tell you to keep your focus on the big picture of compelling party power and administration. They look at things like midterm elections or midterm plebiscite on the compelling president, third parties, long and short term market, slander, social unrest, policy change, international policy successes and missteps.

Only two keys have anything to do with the candidates. And they are very high beginning keys questioning whether the incumbent party nominee or the challenging party nominee is one of those once in a period inspirational, charismatic candidates like Ronald Reagan in the 1980s or Barack Obama in 2008.

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