In the 21st century, many people state that we humans are at the prime of our lives, and I believe we are. Our species have enhanced tremendously over the last few centuries, and we are only going to continue improving as time goes by.

Being a risk-taker and reflecting on ourselves can ensure that we will be ready for the changes and challenges of the 21st-century. Taking risks and then reflecting is what has enabled the growth of our
.species. When we humans take risks, we allow ourselves to make experiences. Then when we reflect on what we had risked, we learn. Our brain registers what is right and wrong.

One of the most substantial and concerning problems in the 21st-century is climate change. This problem can end our very existence in the world. Knowing this, scientists have completed their research, and they have come up with a possible solution. In our case, this will be our risk.

Scientists believe the way to stop and revert climate change is to allow trees to do their job and take all of the carbon out of the atmosphere. Since then, many people around the world have made an effort to plant trees.

Time Changes

Devoting time into this idea is a significant risk, as climate change can change the future of humans, whether it is positive or negative. If it does not work, then many people around the world have just wasted time.

The time that could have been used to a different solution that may have saved climate change. Right now, we are in the risk stage of this plan, and we will soon be in the reflecting part. We will need to see what could have been done to make our efforts more effective.

Another significant problem that is also almost in the reflecting change is the debt around the world. When we look at the technological side of our economy, prices for the standard phone or laptop has gone up drastically in the past few decades.

Technical Difficulties

Technical debt is a problem in the future; prices are going to become way too expensive for the average person. Luckily, some companies have already started trying to reduce the costs of technological items, but we have not seen a big difference so far.

Big brands like Atria and Aurora Cannabis have yet to cut costs on their products not to mention the other sectors who sell cheap cannabis cannabis seeds. The technology side is not the only side that is going to become unaffordable in the future is increasing rapidly around the world.

Side Notes

The real issue here is that the product prices are escalating, but the pay is not. How can we expect the average person to survive in the high priced future if we cannot put enough money in their pockets? Debt is a substantial risk for us because, shortly, many people could become bankrupt, and they will not be able to stop the problem. However, if we take risks and reflect, we can make sure we learn and evolve out of our mistakes.

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