Swimming Hacks You Didn’t Know You Need In Your Life

Swimming is a great sport that is known to be hard. There is no doubt that it’s one of the hardest sports there is. Here’s why we’ve compiled a list of things that can make the lives of a professional swimmer easier. And if you’re aspiring to be an elite athlete someday, then you can consider these tips we have in this article for you.

Suit Should be Dry Before You Go Again

Before you go swimming again, let your suit dry completely. Although this may not be possible always, just do your best to do it. Avoid putting your suit in a washing machine because it will instantly ruin the fibres. If you need to wash your suit, a gentle detergent and cold water is your best friend in this situation. To avoid doing too much damage, wear your suit on in the shower to protect it from the further damage the chlorine can bring. But be aware of the “dry rot”, it’s the white lint looking thing on your suit, if you see it, it’s time to throw that suit away.

Getting Super Tired During Practice? Leave!

Maybe it’s your 5th 200 IM, and you notice how you’re gasping and breathless. You see your coach with distaste. You tell yourself that you don’t want to be there anymore. So why not just get out there? You have the freedom to do so anyway. And when has swimming ever necessitate any definite training to be great, right?

Use a Swim Cap If You Got Hair Done

Don’t sacrifice so many things for swimming! If you just got your hair perfectly styled with a new colour, you can use a custom swim cap, a silicone or latex one that will keep your hair dry and maintained so that you can still come out of the pool looking amazing.

Also, a swim cap tip we like to give you is to dry off your cap between swims if you want it to have a long life as possible, and use baby powder after you’ve dried it off. Aside from that, you want to be cautious of mould.

Don’t Let Your Goggles Fog Up

A lot of goggles come with anti-fog coating on the inside of the lenses. But, using it for a longer time, it will surely break down and your goggles will quickly fog up intensely. If this happens, there are two things to remember: spit in your googles (sounds weird and gross but it works) because it will leave the surface more hydrophobic, or the other thing you can do is wash your goggles with liquid detergent but make sure you rinse it carefully, otherwise, you’ll be crying at your next practice.

Dry Your Towel Between Swims

When it comes to your towel, you should dry it between swims. If you don’t do this, you can grow mildew and mould in your own towel. Wash it at least once per week to avoid those nasty things.

Feel Free to Push Back Your Early Morning Practice

Do you have a 5:00 am scheduled practice every day? Do you always feel horrible about it? Well, there’s an easy fix you can do about it. Don’t hesitate to send your coach a quick message and ask if you can make practice a little bit later. We’re sure that your coach will comply with it.

Fastskin Too Painful? Throw it Away

We under how tech suits can be too tight that’s why it can be painful. Chances are, the size you buy doesn’t feel right after fitting it at first. Rather than spending a half-hour doing your best to put it on. Because of the reason that it’s so cheap, it would be best to just buy another one that actually fits you the next time you race. And don’t forget that it should be comfortable too!

Demand a Challenge If You Were Disqualified

Video playback is your right if you think you don’t deserve your disqualification. Remember that without solid evidence, there is no proof that you should be disqualified. This works in every other sport, so it’s right to just demand it.

Lost the Race? Then Race Again

It can be one of the most terrible feelings in the world to lose a race by a few hundredths of a second. Agree? But if you feel really bad, there’s a fast and easy solution to this concern. Immediately after the race, you can approach the person who beat you and ask them politely if they can race again with you. They don’t have any other races to swim anyways. So grab this opportunity to really prove yourself but don’t be a jerk, and if you lose again, then it’s okay because you know you’re slower than them and you still have room to improve. Like the old saying, practice makes perfect!

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