5 Tennis Tips for Beginners | How To Improve Your Skills

I’m not going to lie to you … Maybe some of the basic tennis tips that I’m going to leave you now apply or have knowledge of them but I’m sure you’ll be able to get something new out of here that will always come in handy to apply. Before you read this article you should already know about how to hold a tennis racket properly.

Be Constant

This is the cornerstone when we talk about the basic tips for tennis because the truth is that tennis is a sport of trial and error. By this I mean that you should play / train weekly correctly to do the maximum number of repetitions possible and thus be able to perfect your technique. Otherwise, if you do not go weekly you will not have possible progression, things are forgotten …

Tennis seems simple … but a study states that to do a technically correct two-handed backhand (albeit simple) requires a minimum of 3,000 repetitions, not to mention a one-handed backhand whose figure rises to 15,000 (5 times more).

Train To The Maximum

It seems obvious but it is not, in fact, it is very difficult to train to the maximum the entire session for obvious reasons: fatigue, mental and physical fatigue, weather, etc.

In the world of tennis, there is a phrase that you have to know “You play as you train” and that friend … that’s how it is. For many hours that you train, if you do not give your 100% training, at the time of the competition (tennis matches) you will not perform as expected.

Do not forget to wear clothes and shoes suitable for tennis, many times we play with a shirt or shoes that are not for tennis but … “a day is a day” and we can get injured because of it.

You have to be very focused when you do the exercises and try to be as perfectionist as possible when it comes to directing, repeating or executing your blows because I advance you that that spectacular shot you do in training, you are hardly going to execute it in a match with the same tranquility.

Watch A Lot of Tennis

“A picture is worth a thousand words …” How many times have we heard this phrase? Thousands and thousands … And it is a great truth. This is without a doubt another of the basic tips for tennis that I can give you.

Watching you learn a lot is nothing new, therefore, tennis is no exception. You will learn game patterns without even realizing it, you will see how the professionals serve, their directions, you will see situations of tension and how they solve them, etc. And all that helps you to experience the sensation for when something similar happens to you in a game, having the impression that you have already experienced that and you know what you should do.

Challenge You To Try

There is one thing that I usually do when I watch the games and I suggest that you do it too.

When they are playing the point before the player hits the ball, say where the ball is going to go (parallel, crossed, left, go up to volley).

Surprisingly, I get it right 95% of the time, but when I was little I didn’t give one … You try it and tell me how it went in the comment box 😛

Be Determining

This advice can be applied to life in general, but in tennis it is vital.

Why is it vital? I’ll explain it.

It is very important to know why we are doing what we are doing. When a tennis player is confident he feels much more daring and tries riskier shots because he believes in what he does to the fullest. What happens when your determination grows.

Wanting to come back from a match, not let the game escape, beat a difficult opponent, improve for the championship next week … They are all valid objectives that will accelerate our progression because you know what you have to do, you don’t have to think more about it. You know what you have to do, and you do it. Then the body pushes a lot more and you are more determined to achieve it. You will improve with it, I am 100% sure!

Rest And Eat Well

I won’t discover America if I tell you that tennis is a high-intensity sport, right? Then you will also know that to perform at your best it is important to be rested and energetic.

Sleeping 8 hours and eating healthy will give you a great bonus when you go to train. You will feel that you can with everything and you will push like never before and most importantly, you will quickly recover your energy to be able to continue the week normally and not look like a zombie. This is truly one of the easiest and most effective basic tennis tips to apply.

I Challenged You To Try

Note: I propose that you take a look at how our body works (although we are not going to treat it here) and you will understand why I do.

Well, I am going to tell you how in a general and unsophisticated way I usually eat when I have training days or competitions.

Suppose I have the match/training at 6 pm… At lunchtime, I will try to eat pasta/rice (carbohydrates) with some protein such as chicken, beef, or turkey. This will give us the strength to go with everything to train, and we can hardly eat something healthier than what I have told you.

At night to recover, a sandwich of tortilla with tuna or something with a lot of protein would not be bad to recover to the fullest to continue the week well.

Well, what do you say? I hope to read your comments and we can discuss how you have been!
And these are my 5 basic tips for you and I hope you have been able to take note, now I invite you that if any of them you did not do, you already have a new goal, right? I also invite you to leave your opinion on the article since that helps me to improve and it does not take so long 😛 I will be happy to read you, a greeting tennis player!

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