6 Reasons Why Ruby on Rails is the Best Framework

Ruby on Rails (RoR) was originally created by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2004 to make building web applications easier, faster and more efficient. RoR provides the technology needed to create websites that are scalable, highly available and secure. Due to its flexibility and dynamic nature, it’s become one of the most popular frameworks in today’s startup community. Here are six reasons why it’s the best choice for startups.

6 Reasons Why Ruby on Rails is the Best Framework

1) MVC Structure

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) structure enforces separation of concerns, making it easy for team members to work on different parts of the application without affecting each other. This also makes code more modular and easier to maintain. Additionally, MVC makes it easy to add new features or make changes without having to rewrite the entire application.

Rails have built-in libraries for common tasks (five sentences): Rails has built-in libraries for common tasks such as authentication, authorization, and session management. This means that you don’t have to write this code from scratch every time you start a new project.

2) Lazy Evaluation

Lazy evaluation, or call-by-need, is an evaluation strategy that delays the evaluation of an expression until its value is needed. This can be useful for improving performance in programs that do a lot of computation with data that may not be used. For example, if you have a large list of numbers and you only need the first 10, there’s no point in evaluating the rest of the list. Call-by-need can also help avoid infinite loops in your code.

3) Less Code

In general, you need to write less code with Ruby on Rails than with other frameworks. This is due to the convention over configuration principle that Ruby on Rails adheres to. Plus, there are many built-in features that come with Ruby on Rails that would otherwise need to be coded from scratch. All of this leads to less time spent coding and more time spent building your product. Ruby on Rails also supports cross-platform development which means your app can run on multiple operating systems without any extra work!

4) Rapid Prototyping

One of the best things about Ruby on Rails is how quickly you can prototype an idea. This can be a huge benefit for startups that need to validate their ideas quickly and efficiently. By being able to prototype rapidly, startups can save time and money while still getting their product to market quickly. Ruby on Rails Development Company

5) Open Source Community

The open source community has contributed a lot to the development of Ruby on Rails. This has resulted in a large number of developers who are familiar with the framework and its various components. As a result, there is a wealth of information and support available when you need it. The Ruby on Rails Development Company takes advantage of this by using Ruby to develop their web applications.

6) Performance

Startups need to move fast and be able to adapt to change quickly. That’s why performance is critical when choosing a web development framework. Ruby on Rails provides excellent performance thanks to its Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler and eager loading. This means your startup can iterate quickly and make changes on the fly without sacrificing speed or compromising user experience. On top of that, Ruby on Rails offers great concurrency, so you’ll be running smoothly even with high traffic levels. Speed: It may seem obvious, but startups often don’t have the time or resources to wait around while their website loads.

Rails boast great processing speeds, which will leave your users waiting less and satisfied with their online experience. Simplicity: If you’re bootstrapping a new startup and don’t have an IT team in place yet, Ruby on Rails will save you time as it doesn’t require dedicated developers – meaning you’ll only pay for what you use.

It also has an extensive base of tutorials and documentation which makes it easy to learn how to use it from scratch by yourself if necessary.

Conclusion –

Ruby on Rails has many benefits that make it ideal for startups. It is fast, reliable, and has a low learning curve. Plus, there are many Ruby on Rails development companies that can help you get started quickly and easily. So if you’re looking for a framework that will help your startup succeed, look no further than Ruby on Rails. If you’re ready to start your own Ruby on Rails Development Company, visit our website for more information about how to get started!

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