8 Ways To Differentiate Between A White and Black Hat SEO

SEO strategies are a go-to technique for digital marketers. SEO strategies are a great way of ranking higher in search engines and one of the most used techniques. SEO trends are changing with times and they work the best when used with all fairness. White and Black hat SEO are two SEO strategies that have different outcomes and one is way better than the other.

White Hat SEO is a technique in which all the rules and guidelines are followed. Google has a set of guidelines and recommendations and the white hat SEO technique works according to them. White Hat SEO is ideal for long-term plans and doesn’t involve any tricking or cheating.

On the other hand, there is Black Hat SEO; this is the complete opposite of white hat SEO. Black hat SEO strategies do not follow the guidelines and recommendations provided by Google and other search engines. Black Hat SEO yields quick results but violates the guidelines of the search engines.

8 Differences in Black and White Hat SEO

Using White hat SEO is a wiser decision as its result is long-lasting and there is no fear of any violation of terms. However, assignment writers UAE have made a list of some differences between the two techniques so that you can better understand which one to use and what is better for you. The following are the 8 differences between White and Black hat SEO.

1.Right and Wrong

The major difference between White and Black hat SEO is that one is ethical and the other is unethical. The white hat deals with doing everything according to the terms of the search engines while the black hat is all about violating the terms. White hat SEO is free from any shady tactics and black hat SEO solely relies on them.


Another notable difference between the two techniques is that the results of white hat SEO are slower and requires a bit of time to reach a positive outcome, whereas the black hat SEO strategy uses techniques that are capable of showing rapid results in a very short time period.


The result of black hat SEO may be quicker but there is no such reliability for how long they will carry on their effect. White hat SEO is undoubtedly time-consuming but the results they achieve are long-lasting and reliable. Black hat SEO will provide a quick return to a website and white hat SEO will work as a long-term investment.


There is a huge difference between the techniques used by both strategies. White hat SEO strategies use keywords, rewriting relevant meta tags, doing proper researches, backlinking the website, building links, and creating content for the real audience. However, black hat SEO strategies use keyword stuffing, hidden links and texts, link selling, and cloaking.


Black hat SEO focuses mainly on how to rank on search engines by using sneaky and shady tactics and so it doesn’t target human audience while white hat SEO strategy is all about creating content for a human audience. White hat SEO strategies focus on how the real audience will respond to content and in comparison, black hat SEO has no regards for it.

6.User Experience

White hat SEO strategies focus on providing a positive user experience and black hat SEO strategies don’t really care for it. Black hat SEO tricks the search engines instead of working on a great user experience which is why users are met with poor search results.

7.Banning From Search Engines

Ok, so black hat SEO strategies are not only unethical but they impose a high chance of getting banned. Your website can be banned and de-indexed from the search engines as a consequence of using black hat SEO techniques. White hat SEO doesn’t have any kind of fear when it comes to being banned because the use of techniques is fair and ethical.


White hat SEO strategy requires high-quality content as compared to black hat SEO content. White hat SEO content connects with the audience and aims to stay relevant after a long period of time as well. Developing quality content takes time which is why White hat SEO works at a steady pace, unlike black hat SEO. As mentioned above, websites using black hat SEO strategies don’t care for the audience and only want to rank higher so their prime focus is not on creating high-quality content.

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