Basic Home Network Hardware Components To Buy Online

Choosing and buying your favourite products from a variety of selections has never been easier. From the simplest hardware components to more complex parts, masses of stores are present for network devices in UK. With the introduction of online shopping, purchasing items from the comfort of your own home has become the norm.

The pandemic situation, in recent times, has resulted in more and more people choosing to work from home or simply choosing to stay at home as a precautionary measure. Thus, being able to find reasonably priced hardware components online is indeed a blessing.

For every home network, a few basic parts are necessary, these include Ethernet cables, routers and repeaters amongst several others. A difference in the type of equipment required to set up your home network can differ according to the type of connection – whether it is wired or wireless.

But how exactly do you go about deciding which products are actually worth their price and won’t make a hole in your wallet? And how do you find products online that not only boast good quality but are truly essential components of your network? Read on to find out which hardware parts you really need for your home network.

Ethernet cables

These cables are a hallmark of wired connections. While it can be argued that a wired connection may limit free movement, this might not be too much of a problem within a home setting.

Ethernet cables which are a part of the most basic network devices in UK not only offer higher security than wireless connections but also have faster speeds which make them perfect for working from home or surfing the web. Using a simple Ethernet cable, you can set up your basic home network easily.


With the world moving towards the wireless universe at the speed of light, wireless routers have become a staple in every home. With routers, several devices can be linked together and can communicate with each other.

These handy gadgets can find out the quickest route between the devices and relay information via that route as well as establish a connection between the network and the internet.

Wireless routers are regularly used at home and allow users the freedom to use the connection in any area which is within their range. It is important not only to place the router in a central location, but also to allow it to lie uncovered by other objects to allow its signals to reach all corners of your home.


NIC, or Network Interface Card, is a very significant part of the hardware of a computer. In most computers, an internal NIC is already present and working. However, in some computers, the absence of an NIC means an external NIC has to be inserted.

A network interface card is needed to allow the computer to be connected to the network, therefore it is not hard to understand why this is such an important component of any network connection.

The card works as a negotiator between the computer and the network – it simply converts data back and forth between the computer and the network in formats that can be understood by both.


If you live in a large house or in a home built with certain building materials (such as cemented walls) that are dampening your router signals, investing in a repeater might be a good idea.

Also known as an extender, a repeater is a potent device which can be used in wired as well as wireless connections. Its job is simple but very important – it can catch the incoming signal from the router and amplify it.

This process allows the signal to cover a wider range of the location and gives the signal a much-needed boost. While it is not always rainbows and butterflies when it comes to repeaters, these components are quite straightforward to set up and are relatively easy on the wallet too.

For anyone who is not a tech wizard, figuring out the various hardware devices is no walk in the park. However, for a basic home network setup, only a few vital components need to be really looked into.

While the task of browsing and selecting network components may seem daunting, many online stores are available to help you find the best network devices in UK. According to the type of connection – whether wired or wireless – consumers can choose Ethernet cables, wireless routers, repeaters and several other devices as part of their basic home network environment.

For establishment of a proper connection to the internet, network interface cards are absolutely essential. Finding the right networking components at good prices without purchasing unnecessarily complicated devices is no longer just a dream. With the popularity and ease of online shopping, finding the right basic network components is just a few clicks away.

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