Bill Gates calls Microsoft’s TikTok deal a poisoned chalice

Bill Gates the co-founder of Microsoft, has expressed the company’s potential TikTok deal as an infected grail. In a wide-ranging interview with Wired, Gates makes it clear that the acquisition of TikTok parts won’t be easy or simple. “Who knows what’s going to happen with that deal,” says Gates. “But yes, it’s a poison[ed] chalice.” He also notes that as a big social media intent“is no simple game,” as Microsoft will have to battle with a whole new level of content regulation.

Asked if Gates is wary of Microsoft going into the social media game, he recommends that Facebook holding some more competition is “probably a good thing” but that “having Trump kill off the only opponent, it’s pretty grotesque.”

Gates seems as worried as the rest of us concerning how this potential TikTok deal is progressing, especially with President Trump suggesting the US Treasury will need some type of cut from any acquisition. “I agree that the principle this is proceeding on is singly strange,” says Gates. “The cut thing, that’s doubly strange. Anyway, Microsoft will have to deal with all of that.”

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