Generate Leads with A Simple and Effective Landing Page

A landing page is essential if what you want is for your business to generate leads. With a simple and effective landing page you will be able to convert your visits into clients, subscribers, buyers … whatever you need to achieve the final objective of your business like Custom Video Animation. To do this, having a landing page separate from your main website will be the key to converting visits into something more profitable with attractive and tempting offers.

The objective of a landing page or landing page is that the visit that lands on it finds valuable information so that they convert without thinking twice. Next you have to see how this you are offering will bring you benefits in the form of learning, saving time or costs, generating income … In short, it will be something so good that you will want to have it at the moment. But how do you get a landing page that brings you tons of leads? We tell you some tricks to make your landing page effective.

Title of Your Landing With Hook  

On the one hand, the URL of your landing has to be simple, short and not at all suspicious. This would throw back your potential leads because it could generate mistrust. Make sure that the URL contains the fair and necessary information so that visitors know where they have landed.

On the other hand, once users have reached your landing, they have to find an attractive title that motivates them to convert. It is the first place where visitors will focus their gaze that is why it has to attract their attention. Create a title that makes it clear what you offer, misleading titles will work against you. And if you also take the opportunity to include keywords related to your business, you will help improve the SEO positioning of your landing page.

Dazzling Landing Page Image

We are visual beings, and on the Internet even more. That is why it is important that you take care of the image of your landing page. Use photos of your product so that users see what they are about to buy, and place them in a way that they can be seen just by reaching the landing. Also use images, icons or graphics related to your product or service so that the information is very visual and direct. And if you dare with videos, even better. Using videos is proven to significantly increase the conversion rate.

And What Do I Win? Landing Page Benefits

For the landing to be effective, you must first show the benefits that the product or service will bring to your customers, and not so much its characteristics. Always think about offering valuable content so that your target audience knows how they will improve their life with your services. Explain the benefits with an engaging list and phrases. Knowing that you offer a free eBook on SEO positioning is not as important as knowing how acquiring it will benefit you. If the visitors see that they can take personal advantage of your offer, they will not think about it when it comes to getting it.

Click On the Landing Page

Once you’ve convinced your users that your offer will be good for them, make it easy for them to convert. How? Use a persuasive call to action and put a button with call to action to request information, download a resource, subscribe to a list … Whatever is necessary for your objectives, but that is just one click away (or the fewest number of clicks possible). The faster and easier the road to converting, the more likely you are to succeed and the fewer customers will be left on the road. In the world of the Internet, immediacy is gold.

Another thing to keep in mind is the information you ask for. If you only need their name and email to get a lead, ask no more. It is increasingly difficult for us to give our data online to strangers, so you should collect only the essential data so that your visitors feel safe. Use a simple and quick contact form to fill out, with the necessary information and no more. Once you have achieved the lead, you will have time to request more data if you need it later by doing email marketing campaigns.

There are multiple tools to create attractive and effective landing pages. You can do them with special templates for this use with WordPress, or more specific tools like Insta Page or Unbounce. In future posts we will tell you more about these tools and how to make a good landing page design. Meanwhile, you can ask us for a quote to create your ideal landing page.

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