How can WhatsApp be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Integrating WhatsApp with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great way to improve customer communication and streamline your business operations. Find out how you can achieve this integration and take full advantage of the benefits it offers .

Today, customers are increasingly opting for direct communication with companies to obtain quick and satisfactory solutions. That is why integrating WhatsApp with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can provide multiple advantages in customer service that can translate into an improvement in the business image and a notable increase in conversions.

These are some of the main benefits of this integration:

  • Improve communication with customers: By integrating WhatsApp with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, customer service agents can reply to WhatsApp messages directly from the CRM platform . This allows you to have a unified view of the customer’s conversation history and provide a faster and more accurate response, adjusted to the real needs of each person.
  • Automate Conversation Tracking and Management – ​​Linkar WhatsApp with Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to set up automated workflows to label and route incoming and outgoing messages. This helps agents keep track of conversations and maintain effective communication with customers even if it’s not always the same person contacting each customer.
  • Increases operational efficiency – WhatsApp integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps to avoid the need to use multiple applications to manage customer interactions, saving time and effort.
  • Improve customer experience – By providing an easy and convenient way to communicate with them via WhatsApp, businesses can improve customer experience and increase customer satisfaction . This will be reflected in the sales indices, which will tend to increase to a similar degree.
  • Enables more complete analysis of customer data – By integrating WhatsApp with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, businesses can gain a more complete view of customer information and use it to analyze and improve their customer service and communication strategy .

Integrate WhatsApp with Microsoft Dynamics CRM: step by step

1. Registration in Twilio

The first thing is to access and create an account on Twilio , a cloud communications platform that allows companies to send and receive text messages and other online communications.

2. Creation of a WhatsApp channel

Next we must acquire a WhatsApp number . It can be done from the same Twilio control panel, which makes the whole process easier.

3. Configuring the integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The time has come to link the two tools. This involves adding the purchased WhatsApp number to your Twilio resources .

4. Creating a workflow

Using the Dynamics CRM Add Action feature , we created a workflow that enables integration between both systems.

5. Register a new WhatsApp channel

Once the workflow is created, it’s time to create the WhatsApp channel in Twilio . This is the function that will allow you to send and receive messages from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

6. Configuration details

Setting up message templates is the best way to meet Whatsapp requirements. Additionally, after a message has been received, customers can only be contacted by agents once 24 hours have elapsed, provided that they have been approved by the platform.

7. Tests

All that remains is to do several tests to verify that the integration between Whatsapp and Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been successful . If several messages are sent and received without problem, it is totally ready to be used for commercial purposes.

Recommendations and tips for implementation

  • Select a reliable integration provider : Make sure to select an integration provider like Arbentia, which has experience in integrating WhatsApp with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and offers you adequate technical support.
  • Perform extensive testing – Before deploying the integration to production, perform extensive testing to ensure that the integration works as expected and there are no issues.
  • Train your team – Make sure you train your team on how to use the integration and provide them with the necessary tools. So they can get the most out of it. The success of this advance in business communication will largely depend on how they use it.
  • Establish measurement metrics : Measuring the success of the integration and monitoring. The results to identify areas for improvement is essential so that growth is always exponential.

Implementing the WhatsApp integration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a great way to improve communication with customers and increase operational efficiency . However, it is important to keep these tips in mind to ensure a successful implementation. And make the most of the benefits of said integration.


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