How does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Help with Fundraising and Donor Engagement for Nonprofits?

When organizations use the nonprofit model, they are bound to have limited resources, leaving the NGO with little or no room for tools like relationship management software.

The good news is that there are programs to assist charities and NGOs to gain access to platforms like Dynamics 365. Microsoft’s long-standing commitment is to offer significant price reductions on its products to nonprofit organizations, and its recent business software suite, Dynamics 365, is not an exception to this policy.

Dynamics 365 comes with tools to support sales, customer support, marketing, and operational duties like managing finances and human resources. Hosted in the cloud, Dynamics 365 and its applications are used to manage every aspect of an organization’s back- and front-end processes.

Although Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation is a popular solution across various industries like sales and manufacturing, it is especially advantageous for NGOs.

Here is a breakdown of the benefits of deploying Microsoft Dynamics Business Central implementation at nonprofit organizations.

Dynamics 365 Features Helping Nonprofits

Microsoft’s CRM app package is available to nonprofit organizations at a significant discount. It offers everything that nonprofit organizations need to streamline and improve their sales, customer service, field service, project service automation, and donor and sponsor relationships. The package includes five comprehensive apps

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Project Service Automation
  • Microsoft Social Engagement.

The following is a list of some of the features that are included in the Customer Engagement Plan. The list also focuses on ways in which these features can assist nonprofit organizations to carry out their day-to-day activities.

1. Grant Management for Nonprofits

Seeking and maintaining grants is usually a significant amount of the administrative work that is required of a nonprofit organization. Some charitable organizations may even hand out their very own grants.

Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation provides employees the tools required to ease through grant management for nonprofits and track grants.

The software will assist the employees right from the submission of the initial application through to the granting of the fund awarded. The software can also automate reminders and renewals to ensure no opportunity is missed.

2. Donor Management

To receive donations regularly, nonprofit organizations need to have a good grasp of where their donations come from. This allows them to concentrate on fundraising in the most productive way possible.

Users of Dynamics 365 can track and analyze the behaviors of their contributors, gaining insight into all their contributors’ previous contributions as well as their future contributions. There are additional options to monitor and manage pledges that are already in place.

Nonprofit organizations can have a better impact in the future. Their understanding of donor engagement enables them to recognize patterns and challenges. NGOs are also expected to have a knack for identifying successful campaigns.

Charities with membership programs can also use Dynamics 365 to organize their programs. Dynamics 365 can manage data such as member subscriptions, orders, and invoices. It can also keep track of relationships and previous transactions between members.

The software can build self-service portals, allowing users to access information, maintain profiles and subscriptions, and make direct payments. It also facilitates direct donations.

3. Donation Tracking

Users of Dynamics 365 can monitor and manage donations, as well as the relationships between donations and campaigns. The complete history of donations, information on recurring donations, and pledge amounts may all be accessed through a single interface that is simple to understand.

Since this software connects with a wide variety of widely used ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, it is possible to synchronize transactional data with external financial systems. It also establishes connections to third-party payment solutions and gateways to facilitate the processing of donations made on various digital platforms.

4. Campaign and Event Management

Campaigns are an essential component of the fundraising strategy of a nonprofit organization. The primary objective of such campaigns is to increase awareness of the organization’s cause and, as a result, attract donations.

A successful campaign can leave a long-lasting impression on people’s attitudes and have a significant impact on the cash flow of the charitable organization.

Although Dynamics 365 cannot help you devise a successful charity drive on its own, it can assist you in the efficient management of your project by allowing you to delegate responsibilities, monitor coverage, and evaluate contributions.

Dynamics 365 can also help its users understand the pattern and nature of donations. This allows nonprofit organizations to target previous donors who may be interested in similar upcoming campaigns. The information can also be used to educate existing supporters about how their contribution is being utilized.

Users can organize events such as conferences and fundraisers with the help of the event management tools that are included in Dynamics 365. This enables nonprofit organizations to effectively plan and execute their operations. The app allows you to handle anything from reserving venues and arranging sponsors to managing schedules and measuring attendance.

5. Social Media Management

Even though social media is an integral part of modern-day life, nonprofit organizations need to devise a plan for making the most of social media channels. The idea is to raise awareness and communicate with as many prospective donors as possible through channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr.

Microsoft Social Engagement is a social media management program that gives users the ability to plan, deliver, and analyze social media campaigns. This allows them to generate important insights about current trends, concerns, and opportunities that could have an impact on charity drives.

This service is bundled with Dynamics 365’s CRM apps and can be connected to software such as Sales or Customer Service to link the social profiles of donors and prospective donors. This allows the organizations to contact the donors easily and design their online campaigns in such a way that it targets the donors more effectively.

6. Volunteer Management

Volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to strengthen the mission of a nonprofit organization are usually the driving force behind the organization’s success. These individuals must be supervised and supported as the value of volunteers cannot be overstated.

With features like rostering and timesheets, as well as profile management, Dynamics 365 may assist in the organization and optimization of a charity’s volunteer force. This is made possible by the software’s ability to allocate appropriate volunteers to appropriate projects.

The software offers tools to monitor compliance with any regulations that you or your volunteers may need to comply with. It may also track school credit for individuals who are volunteering through an educational institution.

Final Thoughts

Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation for nonprofits is a solution that was created to tackle the difficulties and organizational layout of NGOs. Many NGOs across the world rely on the software, thanks to its effective system.

You can achieve operational financial harmony of nonprofits by integrating Microsoft Dynamics Business Central implementation with your email, CRM, and infrastructure. It enables you to integrate finances and operations across various nonprofits, funding organizations, memberships, and associations. So, it also drives new operational efficiencies to support regulatory compliance and reporting, automates crucial tasks, and is simple to use for new volunteers.

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