How To Create a Mobile App Without Coding

You may think that knowing how to code in order to build a mobile app is a no-brainer, but that really is not true. Yes, you read that right! You can create your very own mobile app without having to write a single line of code. The million-dollar question, of course, is how do you do that? With the help of no-code development platforms that are redefining how startups are building up their business. These new generation app builders are quite adept at creating extensions, nifty widgets, and even cutting-edge real-time features. 

Among the things that these apps can help you do is advocate your content in real-time, give you push notification capability, provide you with a user portal, and enable eCommerce. What more could a startup ask for? Let’s look at some of the prominent and leading development platforms that enable one to create mobile apps without having to resort to coding:

Develop an App with AppyPie

More than three million creators have been able to come up with fully functional mobile apps with the help of AppyPie’s visual building block. Besides, it provides iOS and Android support, apart from providing Progressive Web Apps functionality. The way it functions is that you start with your own app ideas that you then bring to fruition with the help of features that AppyPie provides. These cover areas like Social, Multimedia, Information, eCommerce, and Contact.

To cap it all AppyPie provides one with assistance in getting one’s app published in Apple Store and Google Play.

BuildFire App Building

This is a very effective app building platform that leverages the power of plugins and widgets. The plugins especially encompass all the areas of functionality and tooling for particular mobile applications. One can, for instance, build an eCommerce app with the help of Shopify, Square, PayPal, and other similar integrations. 

What’s great about this platform is its very flexible and user-friendly interface that allows you to begin by designing the Home Page first and go on to add other pages and content. Furthermore, it lets you add several real-time features like push notifications, blogs, user profiles, user profiles, and so on. That’s not all,  BuildFire fast tracks the app building process with the help of over a dozen templates.

Thunkable, Visual App Builder

Thunkable is a visual mobile app builder with a free-flowing design interface. It not only empowers you to learn to build apps quite fast but also teaches you a number of new things along the way. This uses a block-based interface to help one build apps and teaches one to program, along the way as well. That apart this platform can be used by anyone to build apps for free. There is a premium plan as well that provides more storage space as well as bespoke branding options. 

Andromo App Builder

This app builder not only helps you create apps but monetize them as well. This is a highly regarded Android-only app building platform that boasts of a seamless and easy to use interface that lets one easily build personal or business apps. 

What’s special about this platform is the fact that it is naturally integrated with design elements that are socially oriented. This means that the targeted community can interact with the created app in real-time.  You can build everything from a music library to a travel directory.  What’s more one can publish one’s app in the Google Play store quite easily. The most alluring of Andromo’s features is the fact that it can monetize the apps it builds with the help of its own advertising network as well as AdMob.


Not everybody who starts a business is a tech wiz, but that does not mean that they cannot leverage the full power of technology to grow their business. Mobile apps are an indispensable part of the growth story of any business and one should not have to let go of that opportunity, on account of a low budget or the lack of technical ability to build them.

The many new-age app building platforms that require absolutely no coding skills to use are a godsend to fledgling entrepreneurs and startup owners who want to leverage the power of mobile apps to help their business grow. The real test of technology lies not in its complexity, but in what it can achieve for people without their having to struggle to use it. 

This is exactly what these mobile app building platforms are all about. By removing the requirement of knowing coding to be able to build apps, they have leveled out the playing field for a host of entry-level businesses and startups. Any business regardless of size and scale can now leverage the phenomenal power of mobile apps to promote and sell their products and services to the largest number of people. 

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