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How To Make Phone Calls with Alexa and Google Speakers


With today’s cutting edge technology, you can literally do anything without having to step out of your couch. You want to decrease the temperature on the thermostat, no need to fetch the remote. You need to know what meetings you have for today, no need to flip through your schedule. So, without any due lets discuss how to make phone calls with Alexa and Google speakers with no technical knowledge!

All you need to do is call upon your genie and they will obey your command. The genies whom we are referring to are none other than Amazon Alexa and Google Nest Hub.

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Another amazing function these devices can do is dial and answer your phone calls. Gone are those days when you had to search the entire house to find your cell phone. The moment you hear your cell phone buzzing, all you need to do is command your Alexa or your Google device to answer the call for you. If this sounds cool to you, then here’s what you need to know to make your calls with the two most common smart devices:

How to install Alexa and Google for your phone calls

Before you go about setting Alexa or Google speakers in your home for your phone calls, the first thing you need to do is ensure the contact directory in your phone is updated. Both Amazon and Google will extract the numbers from your contact list to dial the call.

Setup Amazon for Making Phone

The first and basic step is to open the Alexa application on your phone. Select the option” Communication,” and you will be asked to verify your contact number.

Amazon’s Alexa in working mode

You are now all set to use your phone through Alexa. Just give out commands like “Alexa, call Dad.”, or “Alexa, answer.”, or” Alexa, call 1-310-555-7946.”, or “Alexa, hang up.” 

How to setup Google for Making Phone Calls?

Just like we covered earlier with Amazon, you’ll do the same for your Google speakers. Open your Google Home app. Based on your phone, whether you are using an iPhone or an Android, you will have to follow as both directions are different. 

Arrange your directory from Google’s contact list and sync it with your device. If you are using an iPhone, you will have to do it from the URL: http://myaccount.google.com/devicecontacts. Those who are using an Android phone can simply arrange their contacts by clicking on “People & sharing.”

From there, you need to click Contact Info and then click on the option to Save Contacts. Click on Settings and then select Voice and Video Calls.

You can now command Google to make calls to specific people. For instance, “Hey Google, call Home,” if you need to hang up, just say “OK Google, end the call” or “Hey Google, hang up.” 

Google’s smart-home chart for year 2022

Say that you want to make a call to your assignment writing company to get in touch with the best essay writers for your current assignment. All you have to do is ask Google to dial their number, and you will be connected to the company. It’s that simple!

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Nowadays, with all the new innovations being introduced by companies, there is no limit to the abundant facilities and all the ease they bring to their clients. It’s growing faster and faster as the needs of the people are increasing. Every second is valuable and precious now. By having these devices in your life, you can perform your day to day activities with swiftness and ease.     

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