How to Protect Your WordPress Website Designer from Hackers: 2023 WordPress Security Checklist

Over 30% of all websites utilize WordPress, one of the most popular and highly recommended content management (CMS). According to the same description, WordPress has undoubtedly drawn several hackers and security evaders, giving them a sizable market to target. As a result, WordPress Security Checklist has to be given greater attention.

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for WordPress developers. The need for additional WordPress developers is rising as more websites are created daily. One of the most in-demand works right now is WordPress design in India.

High-quality material and consistently updating fresh articles, pictures, and other information can draw in new visitors and get you started. Still, website owners and admins must take specific precautions to protect their created infrastructure.

Why Is Security in WordPress Important?

Several technologies are available nowadays that hackers or rivals might employ to harm your company’s website or application. They may steal your sensitive data, including passwords and client databases, and they can even install harmful software, which will negatively influence your company’s image and return on investment. Therefore, it is your duty as a company owner to secure your website.

Their vital actions go unnoticed by your regular readers and have no impact on the functionality of your website. Here is a WordPress security checklist to ensure the safety and security of your website.

Top WordPress Security Techniques for Development to Protect WordPress Website

  • Choosing the Right Web Hosting:

Your choice of hosting company is among the most crucial factors to consider. Numerous hosting companies provide affordable hosting but need to have adequate security precautions. Avoid taking the cheap option; although it may seem inexpensive today, doing so may put your website in a vulnerable position. Many web hosting companies provide unique plans for hosting WordPress specifically.

  • Importance of SSL Certificate:                               

When you input sensitive information into a website, the server receives it. This is why an SSL certificate is essential. Since we don’t currently have an SSL certificate setup, this sensitive data will be sent across the network in plain text, exposing it to anybody wanting to read it. Therefore, our data is secured before shipping with an SSL certificate.

  • Suitable and Secure Theme:

A suitable and secure theme is available when utilizing a content management system (CMS), and there are over 31,000 themes available for WordPress. While acquiring a piece of free music doesn’t cost you anything, premium themes are created by highly qualified developers and are only made accessible after passing several tests. They also get frequent updates.

  • Plugins and Plugins:

 WordPress and any other CMS have a library of plugins for your site’s requirements. There are plugins for removing spam comments and backlinks, as well as plugins for SEO and security. Including security-related plugins helps you do routine site audits and keep an eye on spam and malware-related activity. To use plugins, you don’t need to know how to code. Using the top security plugins for WordPress websites is crucial in terms of corporate security. The best WordPress security plugins to protect your website are listed below.

Which WordPress Security Plugins Are the Best?

  • Airborne Security
  • All-in-one WordPress security and firewall
  • BulletProof Security
  • iThemes Security Pro
  • Sucuri
  • Prestigious Credentials

One of the most apparent presumptions is that your email address, which is essentially predictable and provides a point of access, will be your user name when signing into the WordPress administration of your website. We advise you to pick a user name distinct from your email address. Lastly, avoid including your name or email in your strong alphanumeric password when it comes to passwords.

  • Login Page

Strong login credentials are advantageous, but hackers know that every WordPress login page begins with, so they already have the page they want to access. This is the given default URL. However, it may and must be changed to a different URL to render it undetectable to outsiders.

  • Login Tries

In addition to allowing you to select the maximum number of tries required to log in successfully, WordPress now offers a plugin that enables two-factor authentication. Implementing both of these incredible features will protect your website from assaults, and even if a user logs in, two-factor authentication will keep you safe. Block those IPs to be extra secure if you observe any successful login attempts that are not your own.

  • Multiple Users

If your website has several regular contributors or users, it indicates the admin panel is open to many people and might pose a security issue. Basically, having several users or even another user implies that hackers may try two separate locations and credentials. To ensure that passwords are secure for all users, utilize a robust password generator plugin.

  • Secure Database

It is usually advised to use unique passwords for each account, and the same is true for your database login information and WordPress login information. The database, which houses all of your data, is crucial. Having at least one symbol increases the security of your password. There are tools for creating passwords.

  • Backup and Update

We firmly advise that you schedule the backup of your website’s data and periodic checks for updates. A backup is always a good idea to have on hand, and checking for and applying updates –whether they come from WordPress or the plugins you use-keeps you up to speed with the latest and greatest code and functionality.

You may also monitor as an optimal step. Keep track of your files, log information, URLs, login attempts, etc., to get relevant site-related insights.


It’s just as crucial to have a WordPress website that has all the security gates “checked” as it is to have high-quality content. Follow the WordPress Security Checklist to avoid being attacked by hackers.


As a leading WordPress Development Company, we would love to assist you. Alternatively, you can hire a WordPress designer in India to manage website security. We hope our WordPress development security tips or WordPress Security Checklist can help you protect your website.


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