Impact of Social Media: Positive and Negative Effect

In a Web-based environment, day by day the number of engaging people in social media is increasing more and more. In 2022, over 4.70 billion people are using social media worldwide and 227 million people are added to social media in the last 12 months. It is proven that more than half of the people in the world engage in social media each day.

One of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook is now standing at its peak. In a survey in 2022, it is proved that 2.934 billion people use Facebook monthly. Each day 1.968 billion users are using Facebook which is a tremendous fact itself. Also, other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Tiktok, and Pinterest are also leading in their best effective ways.

Positive impact of social media:

  • Social media not only gathers people but also gathers new and innovative ideas to showcase the capabilities they have in various ways.
  • Social media creates motivation in a great number of people. Because of social media, People are no longer afraid to show their creativity. As a result, it makes an impact on human behavior to take a step forward with innovative ideas without any fear of rejection.
  • Many people are appreciated for their talents through social media. As a result of this fact, people feel more encouraged. With social media, everything becomes very quick. For example, a quick and positive review of a post or comment can make a huge impact on human behavior.
  • Through social media, it becomes easier to stay in though with family, friends, and government safety organizations which result in people feeling safe.
  • Social media platforms often help people to find jobs in the domains of their interests. Most content creators help people informing about the careers they love. Linkedin is the best example of finding jobs through social media networks.
  • A bulk amount of people are spreading their knowledge through social media. Every piece of knowledge whether it is small or big is presented with equal values.
  • Social media has not created a positive impact on ordinary people but also has a huge and deep impact on today’s women’s behavior. Women who are not allowed to speak about their opinions due to the difference of religion or gender are now encouraged to speak out through social media.
  • Traditional media like television and radio cannot properly reach people while social media can be accessible in no time.

Negative impact of social media:

  • Human interactions are going down and down which is very important to live in daily society. For developing a good personality as well as good social skills human interactions are needed but social media is causing a great problem in doing so.
  • Children start depending on social media more instead on their parents and society. As the result, they lose interest in communicating with people in society which will impact them negatively on their personalities later.
  • Cyberbullying and cyber abuse make a huge negative impact on human psychology which lead to the problems like self-esteem, depression, and lack of confidence. Through social media, cyberbullying becomes very easy, and sometimes without knowing the person it creates mental disputes on human behavior.
  • With the increasing number of social media users, trollers are also spreading like infections. With the help of social media, trollers get the power to troll in as many ways as they can. Not only does it causes a bad impact on society and human behavior but it also creates a negative point of view toward social media users.
  • It is easy to become a celebrity while posting beautiful pictures on social media. It also encourages people but over-exaggeration can make people obsessed.
  • Watching the talents of other people on social media can make a bad impression on low self-esteem and low confident people which can cause psychological issues in their behavior.
  • Through social media, people can easily release their anger on other people without thinking about any consequences.
  • Fake news in social media creates tremendous problems for society. It also promotes gossip which is baseless.


Although social media has so many side effects, it is true that without social media our society is absolutely incomplete. Day by day social media is spreading like a virus in our society. Every day people are showing interest in bulk. With a sense of good awareness people themselves can make boundaries between what is good and bad. Everything is good when it has a perfect limit.

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