Key Advantages of Dedicated Server Russia for eCommerce Platforms

Higher the Price better the Quality! This quote is certainly true in the case of web hosting. A Dedicated Server is not just the most expensive hosting type but also comes loaded with numerous benefits. So let’s discuss some of the key advantages of dedicated server Russia for ecommerce platforms.

Though the Dedicated Server Russia is not ideal for everyone. A beginner food blogger will not require data center-grade resources and advanced security, but a large eCommerce business handling tons of traffic every day will definitely need one. 

The Dedicated Server Russia is highly secured, supports high traffic, and is backed with redundant network connectivity to provide the best experience to the eCommerce audience.

If Dedicated Server has developed your interest then first let’s take a look at how it is different from other hosting types.

How Dedicated Server is different from other Hosting types?

Big Organizations, Industries, and Large Ecommerce Platforms in Russia with huge needs of Storage and Speed prefer Dedicated Servers. Dedicated Servers are the type of physical servers that exclusively manages and stores the data of a single customer. 

A Dedicated Server can also be stationed in-house within the organization but most businesses prefer to host it with a server provider company. Since the service provider company takes care of server setup, management, and maintenance.

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Other hosting types include Shared Server, VPS Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. In all these types of web servers, the server resources are shared with other users to a certain extent. The entire server is not exclusive to one user or company. 

Also, you get limited security, resources, bandwidth, and hardware space, creating a lot of problems, especially if you are running an eCommerce store.

So, till now it’s clear that Dedicated Server Russia is the best amongst all other server types, but next, we will learn about the various benefits you will get by hosting your website on a Dedicated  Server.

Some Key Advantages of Dedicated Server Russia for eCommerce Platforms!

A Dedicated Server is powerful and scalable. With Dedicated Server Plans, you will get the best value for your monthly investment.

Exclusive Server Resources

One of the most important benefits of a Russia Dedicated Server is the whole server resources are absolutely yours. 

The RAM, Diskspace, etc will not get split between other users in the network.

  • The Memory, CPU, and other resources of the server are entirely yours leading to top performance.
  • You get full root access to your server. You can increase the storage capacity, install software and customize the resources.

So, within certain limitations, you can personalize the server the way you want. Such benefits are completely missing in a Shared Server. 

The Dedicated Server Hosting Russia allows you to pick your operating system and alter the hardware specifications as per your preference.

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Better Performance and Speed

The Dedicated Server brings peak performance and super fast speed to your system. With its superfast SSDs and Processors, the transfer and loading time of the website are highly minimized. With customers achieving the best website end-user experience the Dedicated Server Russia helps you in generating higher revenue and loyal customers. 

The Dedicated Server provides high uptime and faces almost negligible chances of website crashes. With the Russia Dedicated Server, you will always have the resources to handle high traffic. The robust network bandwidth will ensure that the videos or images at the front-end run smoothly. 

With the managed Dedicated Server you don’t even have to worry about the server management too while the unmanaged dedicated server allows you abundant control.

Easily Manages Traffic Hikes

Traffic Hikes are very common for an eCommerce platform, especially during times of sale and promotions. Tons of customers visit your website to avail the offer and if the server crashes or faces downtime at such peak times you may suffer a huge revenue loss. Moreover, the customers may also develop a sense of distrust creating a negative image of the website.

So, to avoid such situations you must host your website with the Dedicated Server in Russia. It easily manages traffic surges and ensures the best user experience even at peak times. It is in-built with the latest generation hardware components and backed up by high uptime and bandwidth resulting in optimum performance.

Keeps your Data Secured

The Russia Dedicated Server keeps your Data protected from Spammers and Hackers. Every eCommerce website requires high security since it stores the confidential payment details of the users. If the card or online banking details get into the wrong hands due to poor security the website may get into big trouble. 

A Shared Server or VPS Server can never provide you such high security since multiple users share the same server network. Only a Dedicated Server can provide you the required advanced-level of security. Also, the Dedicated Server is secured with DDoS protection.

Customizable and Expandable Server Resources

The Dedicated Server Hosting Russia allows customization of server hardware. As an eCommerce website if your presently allocated resources become insufficient you can easily increase them. 

With effective server customization, the Dedicated Server helps you to achieve a supreme performance of the website. 

Ready to Get your Russia Dedicated Server?

After reading all these exciting benefits I’m sure you must be convinced to choose Russia Dedicated Server for your eCommerce business. Next, you need to find out who provides the Best Dedicated Server Russia?

Consisting of all of the above benefits, Serverwala one of the renowned web hosting providers serves you with fast, secured, and reliable Dedicated Server Hosting in Russia. Their Dedicated Servers provide high uptime and complete control over the server. You can acquire the Cheap Dedicated Server Russia along with the below-given features-

  • Robust Server Hardware, i.e, RAM, SSD, and Processor
  • 99.99% Uptime and Redundant Bandwidth
  • Advanced DDoS Security
  • 24/7 technical assistance
  • Regular Server Maintenance

They also provide free setup of your server and grant you a Free SSL Certificate and website building tools with the server.

Final Words

So, in this article, we have learned about the benefits of a Dedicated Server Russia for an eCommerce platform. The Dedicated Server will provide better performance and speed to your system along with high security and exclusive resources. So, get your Dedicated Server from Serverwala now and take your eCommerce business to new heights.

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