Learn How Uneecops Help Accelerating Your Intelligent Enterprise Journey with SAP and AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been working with SAP to deploy digital cloud solutions to their customer base since 2008. The partnership is based on the aligned vision of Amazon and SAP where they want to make the user experience of customers the best in the market.

The partnership helps both companies to collaborate, share technologies and bring together flexibility and support for their customers. This mutualism helps them not only to grow but also to expand their user base for the SaaS industry.

Benefits of SAP on AWS Collaboration

AWS digital transformation is helping businesses to automate their systems using cloud technology. Below are the 4 key benefits of AWS that enhance the power of SAP in Business operations:

Reliability: With the foundation of a strong computing infrastructure and a multi-billion dollar business worldwide, AWS has been a trusted and reliable technology for cloud computing.

Amazon’s large network extends to a network of more than 25 regions and 80 operational zones. It enables the cloud-based solutions to provide better connectivity for SAP and comply with different geographical locations and their legal compliances.

Protection of Data: AWS’s digital transformation is expanding the customer base of cloud-based companies and SAP. With such large customer databases, comes the responsibility of storing and securing the data so that the customer can trust the company with their personal and business data required for running the software.

Reducing TCO: From MSMEs to multinational business enterprises, companies have observed a significant reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) after transformation to AWS cloud. This cost reduction was observed due to savings of various upfront costs like upgradation costs, labor costs, etc.

Potential for Innovation in Technology: AWS is a system that works on customer feedback and makes the use of latest technologies like AWS IoT and AI tools which provides momentum for the cloud SaaS to flourish. Using SAP on AWS implies that you get access to the tools and systems Amazon uses to improve the user experience, which makes the possibility of getting regular updates more real. 


The key to becoming an intelligent enterprise requires a profitable, resilient, and efficient digital transformation. RISE with SAP helps you in transitioning your existing ERP data and migrating it into a more sustainable and efficient process.

RISE with SAP includes Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) packages and capabilities from AWS that accelerate your transformation journey to the cloud with less risk and no compromise.

AWS SAP Migration

Companies want to use SAP in a cloud system like AWS as it saves the time and effort to manage and host the system in their infrastructure.

The transformation module you want your company to follow will entirely depend on the specific needs and operational requirements within the business.

This technology-driven project of digital transformation can take place in either of the ways:

  • Lift-and-shift method: This process involves moving (lifting and shifting) the application from its current deployment stage to the AWS cloud, which might require updates for a complete transfer.
  • HANA migration: Companies use this process to transfer their existing applications from non-HANA to SAP S/4 HANA-based database management systems using AWS cloud. This migration reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) from the companies and enables them to run their business operations smoothly.
  • Greenfield Approach: This ensures a complete transfer of the existing management systems to SAP S/4 HANA on the AWS cloud, which includes starting fresh installation without any involvement of legacy systems. They often use RISE with SAP to do the migrations sequentially.

Note: Partnership with the right service provider can not only make the transformation smooth and efficient but also reduce the duration and cost by accelerating the transformation process. 

AWS Enterprise Transformation

SAP for business has been a one-stop solution for enterprises from various industries, and with AWS, the growth just got accelerated.

SAP and AWS are laying the foundation for a future-ready enterprise by building the digital core of a Supply Chain Management System.

With SAP on AWS, you get a competitive advantage with industry-specific best practices and faster time-to-market acceleration.

It also allows you to build business agility by enabling enterprises to easily adopt new service models and innovation in business operations.

Working Towards a More Sustainable Future Partnership

AWS Cloud benefits are highly impactful and the partnership between SAP and AWS has proven that the collaboration of technology can solve even the most challenging problems of the market.

AWS’s digital transformation is not just limited to the current 15 years of a strong foundation between the two software giants but also extends to significant contributions like Amazon’s Climate Pledge for a commitment to net-zero carbon, for which SAP is a signatory.

With a joint-reference architecture and aligned mission, AWS is helping SAP to deliver high-performance-to-price ratio solutions to customers. SAP for Business with its revolutionary partner in cloud computing and innovative technologies, AWS, is allowing the enterprises and start-ups of today to challenge the status quo in the dynamics of technology and build the multinational companies of tomorrow. 

Uneecops – Your Digital Transformation Partner 

Businesses need an intelligent enterprise strategy to chart their course to success. Uneecops as a technology partner help enterprises in becoming more profitable, adaptable, innovative and resilient, run efficiently and sustainably to drive long-term growth. Unlock greater agility, efficiency, and innovation across your organization with Uneecops Business Solutions.

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