SalesLoft Review – What Are the Key Features of SalesLoft?

Founded in September 2011, Salesloft is an engagement platform that helps companies engage their customers. They offer a comprehensive set of tools that enable sales teams to engage customers on a personal level. They include Dialer, Messenger, Email tracking, and Calendaring.

Dialer and Messenger tool

Using SalesLoft’s Dialer and Messenger tool, sales reps can text customers right from Salesforce. It’s a supercharged texting and calling experience. It’s also built to help call centers reach more customers with less staff.

SalesLoft’s dialer is a browser-based tool. The tool works with popular CRM platform Salesforce. It provides call tracking, call recording, and call analytics.

SalesLoft’s dialer includes a voicemail drop feature that works with both Chrome and Gmail. It also includes 15 custom activity fields. The dialer is a great tool for generating leads and closing deals.

SalesLoft’s Dialer and Conversation Intelligence provides insights to help your sales team optimize their performance. It also offers a playlist of exemplary calls. It allows your team to use AI to scan recorded sales calls for relevant data.

SalesLoft’s Messenger feature helps sales teams build pipelines and engage with customers. It is built to help businesses that want to reach more customers, but don’t have the budget for other tools. It allows you to send hundreds of social media interactions every day.

SalesLoft’s Dialer includes a local presence feature, so it will dial a number from the closest area code. The platform also includes an automatic call recording feature, which allows managers to keep track of quality control. The platform can also automate follow-up emails.

SalesLoft offers a number of other tools, including a deals product and email tracking. These tools can help leadership predict deal success, set up playbooks, and automate reminders to sales reps. The platform’s dashboard provides insights on deal risks and opportunities.

Conversation Intelligence tool

Using Salesloft’s Conversation Intelligence tool, sales managers can analyze recorded sales calls and gain insights into prospect engagement, key selling points, and customer motivations. They can also identify trends and improve marketing campaigns. Using this tool, managers can review hours of calls in minutes and filter calls by keywords. They can also add comments and notes to call recordings, which allows them to better coach their reps.

Salesloft’s Conversation Intelligence software analyzes every word spoken on the call. It uses AI to help managers identify key talking points and coaching areas for improvement. This is especially helpful in a remote sales environment. The software also provides a granular view of the entire deal, so managers can identify key opportunities and potential deals.

Whether your team is new to sales or has experience, the conversation intelligence software can help them generate more leads and improve customer service. It can also help them improve their social media presence and website content.

SalesLoft’s Qualified Signals feature helps sales reps identify accounts in the market that are ready to buy. It also uses AI-based reporting to provide detailed breakdowns of the team’s information and pipeline opportunities. It also helps users meet quotas and increase renewal rates.

SalesLoft also has an automated dialer, which can help sales reps generate more calls. It also provides a live feed, which can be useful for sending targeted emails. It also provides a search engine, which makes it easy to find and track potential customers.

SalesLoft also integrates with crm tool monday which helps companies better manage their sales teams. Its CRM integration provides bidirectional data syncing and customizable hierarchies.

Calendaring tool

Whether you’re a salesperson or an administrator, Salesloft offers an in-app calendaring tool. This tool allows you to set up calendar settings and assign meeting defaults. It also provides you with calendar links that your prospects can use to book meetings.

This calendaring tool can help you eliminate back-and-forth emails for finding the perfect time. You can also customize your workflows. And since it integrates with all your sales tools, you can automate and simplify your sales process.

It’s important to note that if you plan to use Microsoft meeting links, you must have the Salesloft Chrome Extension installed. You will also need to ensure that your Google calendar is synced with Salesloft. If not, you will be unable to capture meetings.

The Meetings feature is a new feature in Salesloft. It integrates with Gmail and Outlook to allow prospects to see your availability and schedule meetings on your calendar. You can also create personalized schedule links. These links let prospects book meetings instantly.

Salesloft Meetings also has the ability to automatically log meetings. Users can retroactively log events, or they can log meetings as events that are booked. This feature also allows users to set meeting defaults and time slots.

In addition, Salesloft’s Conversation Intelligence tool allows managers to add comments and highlights from real conversations. This allows them to review hours of calls in minutes. This feature is a great way to reduce training time and make sure managers are able to focus on the most critical calls.

Another feature that can help salespeople get more done in less time is the Dialer and Messenger tool. This feature allows managers to jump on calls or text messages from Salesforce. It also includes a coaching option.

Email tracking

Using email tracking software, a sales team can get valuable analytics to increase visibility and improve performance. This type of software offers a variety of features, such as full-stack integration and prescriptive analytics. The best email tracking software can also provide open rates, read receipts, and more.

SalesLoft is an email tracking solution that helps build a cadence for email interactions. It allows you to track and monitor emails, chat interactions, and phone interactions. You can also use it to create automated sequences based on triggers. For example, you can set up triggers based on the date and time a certain user clicked a link.

Salesloft also features real-time notifications when a link is clicked. It can also send a browser alert when a recipient opens an email. It also offers insights into how recipients respond to emails, including who opens them and where they’re located.

SalesLoft allows you to monitor emails, phone interactions, and chat interactions. It also integrates with SalesForce and Salesforce CRM. You can also sync your calendar through your Personal Settings. You can also submit a support ticket if you’re experiencing an issue.

SalesLoft also features preventative measures, such as blocking clicks from certain IP addresses. You can block clicks by an individual user or an entire team. You can also whitelist IP addresses in Salesloft. Specifically, you’ll want to whitelist IP addresses in Salesloft if your Exchange Server is behind a firewall.

Using email tracking software, a sales organization can get valuable analytics to increase visibility and improve the performance of their marketing efforts. This type of software offers a variety, such as full-stack integration, CRM integration, and prescriptive analytics.


Unlike other platforms, SalesLoft offers a wide range of pricing packages to suit different requirements. In order to get the right package for your business, you will need to perform a thorough research. However, this does not mean that your company will have to sacrifice any features. Depending on your needs, you can choose from four different packages.

SalesLoft is an online sales engagement platform that enables your team to make sales calls more efficiently. You can customize your messages, groups, and emails to make it easy for your salespeople to reach the right people at the right time. You can also create and execute call lists, and use built-in call recording and voice drop features.

Salesloft combines email tracking, phone integration, and call cadences to deliver actionable insights about your sales and marketing performance. It also offers a real-time sync with your CRM. You can track your emails, contact history, and activity to determine when is the best time to make a call. You can also use data from Salesloft to determine the ideal time to send emails.

The packages offered by Salesloft include four tiers. Each tier offers different features. Each package includes standard features, as well as features that are specifically tailored to your company’s needs. Depending on the package you choose, you can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $125 per user per month.

Salesloft’s enterprise package is designed to help customers grow their customer base and maintain a consistent workflow. This package includes everything you need to keep your sales processes running smoothly. It also includes training and maintenance.

Salesloft customers sometimes encounter technical difficulties with their platform. They also complain about the amount of information in their profiles and settings. Often, they have to manually write different versions of emails. This is a disadvantage of using this platform, and it can also hinder salespeople from generating revenue.

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