Sony’s PS5 DualSense Controller Upgrades with AI-Based Noise Cancellation

Enhancements for PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

Sony has unveiled several new enhancements for its PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, aimed at improving user experience. These updates include enhancements in controller speaker volume capacity, superior noise cancellation, and enhanced microphone sound quality.

Advanced Noise Cancellation and Mic Sound Quality

The latest software update for the PS5 controller introduces an innovative AI-powered machine learning model. This technology automatically manages the microphone inputs, effectively suppressing unwanted noises such as button presses and background audio while ensuring clear capture of the player’s voice. This advancement in noise cancellation technology enhances the overall communication experience, particularly in multiplayer games or during voice chat sessions.

Furthermore, the update significantly improves the sound quality captured by the controller’s microphone. By leveraging advanced algorithms, the DualSense controller can now deliver clearer and more natural voice reproduction. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for gamers who rely on voice commands or engage in online gaming communities where communication is key.

Improved Speaker Volume and Audio Quality

Additionally, the update amplifies the sound output from the controller speaker, contributing to an overall enhancement of the DualSense’s audio performance. While this may result in a louder speaker output initially, users retain the ability to adjust audio settings according to their preferences through device settings. This improvement in speaker volume capacity ensures that players can enjoy immersive audio experiences directly from the controller, enhancing gameplay immersion and audio feedback.

Moreover, Sony’s efforts to enhance the audio quality of the DualSense controller align with its commitment to delivering high-fidelity gaming experiences in Play station 5. By elevating the audio capabilities of the controller, Sony aims to enrich the gaming experience and provide players with more immersive and engaging gameplay environments.

Enhanced Screen Sharing Features

Beyond improvements to the controller, Sony has introduced additional features for screen sharing. Viewers engaging in “Share Screen” mode now have the option to express themselves using emojis, annotate the screen with drawings, or highlight specific objects. These new reaction features are automatically enabled, although participation in the beta rollout is required for all parties involved.

This enhancement in screen sharing capabilities enhances the interactive aspects of shared gaming experiences. Whether players are streaming their gameplay to friends or participating in virtual events, the ability to express emotions and interact with the content in real-time adds a new dimension to social gaming.

Customization Options for PS5

Furthermore, Sony has included a customization feature allowing gamers to adjust the brightness of their PS5’s power indicator light. This can be accessed through the Settings menu under System > Beep and Light. This customization option provides users with greater control over their gaming environment, allowing them to personalize the visual aesthetics of their PS5 console according to their preferences.

Rollout and Availability

Access to these new features is currently limited to invited beta testers in select regions, including the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, and France. However, Sony has announced plans for a broader rollout of these updates “in the coming months.” As Sony continues to refine and enhance the PlayStation 5 user experience, players can look forward to future updates and improvements that further elevate the gaming experience on the platform.

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