Top 5 Webinar Platforms To Host Your Next Event

Webinars mark the shift in the trend. Most businesses are switching towards the smarter way to get the public’s maximum attention. In addition to this, they are also keeping in mind specific parameters such as cost efficiency, global reach, features, etc. before choosing anyone.

This blog will briefly explain different aspects of webinar services and their importance in the current scenario. Additionally, we’ll also be listing some popular Webinar Platforms for hosting your event.

Webinars – A Smarter Effective Solution For Engaging Online Audiences 

In very simple terms, webinars are forms of online video presentations over the internet. These online video sessions use Webinar Platforms as their service providers. Additionally, it involves sharing valuable content in the form of notes, handouts, audio & video files, and much more.

Their major functionality includes interaction with the audience in the best possible way along with the creation of revenue opportunities for the sponsors. Webinars are one of the popular choices for small and medium businesses for the creation of the brand awareness and promotional campaigns.

So, by far you have got a basic idea about the webinar and its uses. Now, with the increase in the number of service providers, there are many services that promise you the best results from the sessions. Before mentioning those services, it is important to know some factors which should be kept in mind before making a choice.

Points To Remember Before Making A Choice 

  • Webinar services are convenient from the audience’s point of view. They should also be convenient for the sponsors or businesses by cutting down the cost significantly.
  • With the rapid development of technology, the chances of data leaks and other hacking activities are rising. Make sure to select authentic webinar services which are safe and secure.
  • Webinar platforms should offer interactive features as well as customization options for the planners for better engagement with the audience.
  • A customer helpdesk should be provided for the support work in case of facing any technical glitches during the event.

Keeping in mind these points, let’s have a quick look at some of the popular webinar platforms to refine your research – 

Choosing The Best From Popular Webinar Platforms For Your Event Needs 


Zoom is one of the most popular Online Free Webinar Platforms that can be set up quickly with a capacity of 100 participants. Here are some of the striking features of this platform – 


  • You can share your screen, do a live chat with the audience, and nurture your contacts with its marketing tools.
  • With the help of its cloud facility, all the data related to your meetings is ready for backup. Additionally, this data is accessible and is very important for future aspects.
  • This platform contains automatic surveys which are conducted after the event is over for valuable feedback.
  • However, the major drawback of using this platform is it’s under the 40-minute limit with the free service. Its price is also a bit on the higher side which does not makes it a cost-effective solution.


It is one of the most popular emerging webinar platforms which is purely self-manageable and loaded with features like – virtual mics,  HD screen sharing, and much more.


  • Directly coming to its features mixhubb offers – Branded Webcast, Q&A with upvoting, public and private chat facility, Bring anyone on-screen facility, and much more.
  • In addition to this, the platform is a browser-based solution so no app download is required for running the event.
  • Mixhubb comes up with a backstage check option for cross-checking everything before going live in front of your attendees.
  • Additionally, with itspowerful analytics tool and push notifications, you can track and measure the success of your event easily as well as without any hustle. This platform also helps in the creation of landing pages which is the first impression of yours to the audience.


Zoho Meeting

When it comes to price affordability, Zoho meeting is one of the best choices for a simple online webinar platform. It has a very easy-to-understand user interface which is liked by most of the audience. 


  • Zoho has no foundation for anything and can be used on any device. Its webinar plan starts with a minimum of 25 attendees for the live session and extends up to 1000. However, the pricing is also variable here reaching a max of $200 per month.
  • It has a user-friendly interface but has many limitations. It is not rich in features on compassion with some popular webinar platforms.


This webinar platform is fully working towards the automation process, which means you can host as many webinars as you require. There is no need to host them live. Whether it is a training session or any promotional content eWebinars find their way to convince the audience.


  • Its chat feature is very engaging for the audience. They can get back instant replies from the presenters during the live session. Additionally, the replies can be sent back over emails also.
  • They come up with a thank you page builder towards the end of the session. They also have many interactive features which include – polling, quizzes, contact forms, and much more.
  • However, there is a drawback to this platform which is reducing its popularity over the years. These platforms do not support live video and audio.

Google Meet 

Google meet is widely used as an Online Free Webinar Platform for making new connections with audiences across the globe. However, for some business accounts, the capacity extends up to 250 attendees at a time.


  • This platform is especially for those ones who do not wish to pay for their webinar session. It is absolutely free of cost with a limit of 100 participants at a time.
  • It comes up with live captioning which uses Google’s speech recognition technology for a better user experience.
  • This platform supports any device but comes up with a 60-minute time limit. In addition to this, this free webinar service does not have any interactive features.
  • You can’t really do some productive here and it has any scope for engaging the audience for long hours.

Summing Up

Webinar platforms are built to create an atmosphere that enhances healthy interactions with the audience. They feel connected with the present at every moment of the session. In addition to this, the motto or objective of your event should also be justified while hosting these sessions. 


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