Why is Mac Outlook not connected to Exchange Server?

edgeoverweb: Users often face the problem of Mac Outlook not connected to Exchange server. To solve this issue, this article explains the cause of the problem and provides solutions to fix this error. 

Note: if you want to import an OLM file in Mac Outlook to solve Mac Outlook not syncing in Exchange server. Then use SysTool Software to Convert OLM to PST. This software easily converts the file without having any difficulties.

Similar to Windows Outlook, in 2011 Microsoft developed Outlook for Mac. all the functions and features of Mac Outlook are the same as Windows Outlook. Users can also connect their Mac Outlook with the exchange server, but, in earlier version  you were only able to synchronize contacts. Now, in the updated version of Mac Outlook. You can synchronize emails, calendars, notes, tasks and contacts with the Exchange server.

Causes of Mac Outlook not Syncing in Exchange Server

Mac Outlook also suffers from issues regarding the exchange server. Mac Outlook not connected to Exchange server is a common problem. Reasons behind this can be many.  Some of them are.

  • This issue occurs if you are working in Mac Outlook offline mode.
  • Connection between Mac Outlook and Exchange server is failed.
  • Your Mac Outlook cache is corrupted. As a result, Mac Outlook not connected to Exchange server.
  • Settings of Mac Outlook are not configured properly.

Solutions to Fix Mac Outlook not connected to Exchange Server

To solve the problem of Mac Outlook not syncing in Exchange server by two solutions. First is the manual solution. In this, there are a number of options available. You can fix the issue by checking the internet connectivity, Exchange connectivity, clear the Mac Outlook cache, rebuild the Mac Outlook file and restart the Sync services. If this solution does not work or you want to retrieve your data by importing OLM files into PST. Then, you can use software. This software can easily convert OLM files into PST and solve the problem as well. Hence, two solutions to fix the error are.

  • Manual solution: here, we use various options to solve the problem.
  • Professional solution: using software to fix the issue.

Manual Solution to Fix Mac Outlook not connected to Exchange Server

This solution is free to use. In this, there are various options available to solve the problem.

  • Check the internet connectivity of Mac Outlook.
  • Check the Exchange server connectivity.
  • Clear Mac Outlook cache mode.
  • Rebuild Mac Database Outlook file.

Check Internet Connectivity of Mac Outlook

Sometimes, users do not know that they work in offline mode and the problem is Mac Outlook not syncing in Exchange server. For this reason, you have to check that your program is connected to the internet or not.

  1. Open Mac Outlook program. Go to Outlook.
  2. Then, work offline. If this option is selected.
  3. Click the box beside the option to uncheck it.

Check Exchange Server Connectivity

It is very important that your Mac Outlook is properly configured with an exchange server account. If not, Mac Outlook not connected to Exchange server can occur. So follow the steps to check the connectivity.

  1. Go to Mac Outlook. Click on Tools tab and then, Accounts option.
  2. Select your configured Exchange account. If the indicator against your account is orange. That means there is some configuration issue.
  3. Disconnect your exchange account and reconfigure it in your Mac Outlook application.
  4. With this, users confirm their status of Exchange account on the web Outlook and further connect it defending on the status.

Clear Mac Outlook Cache Mode

If the cache file is full or corrupted, this will cause a lot of problems like Mac Outlook not syncing in Exchange server, suddenly shutting the program etc. it is best to delete the files from the cache. 

  1. First, confirm the connection between Exchange server and Mac Outlook.
  2. select not synchronizing Exchange folder. Right-click the folder and click on Properties option.
  3. In the properties dialogue box, click on Empty cache option in the general tab. 

After clicking, all your cache files will be deleted. These methods that we use to solve Mac Outlook not connected to Exchange server, if the cause of the problem is with the application. If the issue is still there. Then, the problem is in the database file.

Rebuild Mac Outlook Database File

In this, we troubleshoot database files to fix Mac Outlook not syncing in Exchange server. 

  1. Close the Mac Outlook and its related applications.
  2. Go to system C drive. Copy the Identities folder or Mac Outlook to a different location.
  3. Press Alt key and Outlook application icon together to open in-built Microsoft Database Utility.
  4. Now, in the utility, select Identity for rebuild and then, click on Rebuild. After that the rebuilding of your file will start.

Limitation of Manual Solution

This solution is free to use and there are a lot of options available to solve the problem of Mac Outlook not connected to the Exchange server. However, using these solutions also has some drawbacks.

  • These solutions cannot be applicable, if you have any corrupted file.
  • Using these solutions the problem can occur again. Because it is a temporary solution.
  • No guarantee that the problem can be solved or not.
  • The rebuild utility only work in Mac Outlook 2016. For this reason, if your OLM file is inaccessible, then this solution cannot work.

Therefore, manual solution is not a good solution to solve the problem. Now, if your problem is still there after using this methods. So, it is better to migrate your data from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. With this, you can access your data without any difficulties. To migrate the data, we will take a help with professional solution.

Professional Solution for Mac Outlook not connected to Exchange Server

Mac Outlook uses OLM file to store its data and it cannot be opened in Windows Outlook. If you want to migrate the data from the OLM file into Windows i.e. OLM file to Outlook for Windows. Then, you have to use a professional solution mentioned above. This software is free to download and offers various features.

Features of Software

  • Users preview their files before exporting them.
  • The software can easily convert OLM mail archives to PST file format.
  • It provides an option to split output PST into multiple files.
  • You can maintain data integrity and folder hierarchy during the process.
  • Can export bulk OLM files along with attachments.

Steps to Convert OLM into PST Files

  1. Download and launch the software. Go to the Add files.
  2. Open your OLM files and click on Add file option. After clicking, the scanning process will start. 
  3. Click on the Yes button to save the copy of the scanned file.
  4. Preview OLM files and select the files you want to export. Click on Export selected
  5. You can also convert all OLM files by clicking the Export option.
  6. Select PST as export type. Click on Browse to navigate the file.
  7. Now, click on Maintain Folder Hierarchy and then, Export option.


The reasons why users face Mac Outlook not connected to Exchange server problems are internet connectivity, exchange server connectivity and the configuration problem. That’s why, in this article, we discuss the different solutions to solve your problem. If this solution didn’t work then, you have to import OLM files into Windows to access your data. To import the files, you can use the software. This solution is more reliable than the manual solution. As you can securely save your data.

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