Xiaomi Unveils New Telephoto Lens That Will Put An End to Multiple Rear Cameras

At its current Developer’s convention in Beijing, the Chinese tech giant and Smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi inaugurated its new telescopic lens technology intending to redefine smartphone photography.

According to the tech firm, the revolutionary telephoto lens can collect upto 300% more natural light than a conventional telephoto lens. Hence, this would significantly upgrade the camera experience, especially in low-light situations. Apart from this, the telephoto lens is also backed by professional level stabilization, which not only improves the camera quality but also helps to capture 20 more sharp photos.

The working of the lens is shown in this video.

As you can see in the video, the lens prolongs by itself, much like what we see in professional-grade cameras. It also allows the user to take high-quality macro pictures. According to Xiaomi, the lens has been configured to eradicate the need for having multiple cameras on a smartphone. This new technology, combined with a high-end photoreceptor, can cover multiple focal lengths automatically.

The best part is, Xiaomi thinks the tech is practically ready to be implemented on mass scale. Hence, we will see the first devices with a telescopic zoom pretty soon. Although Xiaomi did not declare the exact date for that, we believe the first phone with this new tech might clear the clouds by the end of next year.

More details will be revealed soon.

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