6 Exotic Locations for a Romantic Vacation

No matter how many vacations you’ve made alone, there is something special – and lovely – about going somewhere with someone you’re madly in love with. Along with being able to sleep on the seat next to you, you now have a companion with whom to travel to the world’s most romantic destinations and, ahem, finally use that “do not disturb” sign.

Some places lend themselves to romance; however, happy couples will see any part of the world through rose-colored glasses. There are many eye-catching spaces, from a beach trip where no shoes or shirts are necessary (looking at you, Seychelles) to a city that sparkles under the light of street lamps (hello, Paris).

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  1. Greece’s Santorini

Santorini, a lovely Greek island and popular honeymoon destination, involves a long trip and a puddle jumper. The Aegean Sea and blue-domed houses entice visitors.

Couples love Santorini’s lovely sea. Oia is the ideal place to witness pink, orange, and gold sunsets in this aquatic reserve. It cools overheated passengers. Oia is sweet, but it’s crowded around sunset, so you won’t be alone admiring nature’s display.

Santorini’s boutiques, restaurants, and resorts are cut into the island’s cliffs, affording couples a secluded refuge. Explore the town to find a roof.

Rent a car to negotiate the crowded, hilly streets to see the white skyline. Many couples love traveling the island alone, so they may stop for photos or a fling.

Daring? Scooter rental Taking picturesque routes with your lover is romantic.

  1. New England’s Berkshires, United States

Many couples look forward to their first weekend away because they can practice managing life together, even if it’s only choosing a route or restaurant. The Berkshires, one of Massachusetts’ finest weekend destinations, is a charming East Coast destination.

Most couples choose early fall or winter for their exile. In Western Massachusetts’ highlands, the leaves are stunning in red, orange, and gold.

You may also drive about and take in the scenery, stay in a bed & breakfast where breakfast consists of fresh waffles (with, uh, maple syrup!), and spend your nights cuddling by the fire.

In the summer, you may also partake in freshly cooked farm-to-table cuisine, go swimming, or canoe on one of the numerous lakes that dot the landscape.

  1. Costa Rican Peninsula Osa

Consider Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula for an adventurous and also environmentally conscious getaway with its tropical jungle, unspoiled sands, and abundant fauna. Visit the Lapa Rios Lodge, a reserve with beautiful ocean views on 1,000 acres.

You may attend yoga classes, hike Corcovado National Park, and also listen to howler monkeys on vacation. Relax in a thatched-roof hut with spa treatments. Romance? However, The resort provides candlelight dinners, private boat cruises, and couples massages in Pacific-view bungalows.

  1. Europe’s Amalfi Coast

Imagine snuggling up with your partner while snapping a sunset shot outside your Italian cliffside property overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Amalfi Coast is perfect for a romantic getaway. However, this 50-kilometer-long area of Campania attracts travelers with its beauty, seafood, and panoramic views.

You and your date may explore meandering alleys and alleyways, stop in fishing villages, visit clifftop homes, or spend the day on a magnificent beach soaking up the sun and Italian hospitality.

The untamed Amalfi Coast is dotted with several beautiful settlements, or “pearls of the Amalfi,” as they are often known. While Amalfi is considered the primary hub of this spectacular area, Positano is perhaps the most stunning. Take a boat to Capri from here to increase the romantic quotient even more.

  1. Rome, Italy

Italy is always a fantastic option for a vacation that will keep your mind active, according to Gooder. “The current trend of destination weddings in Italy includes a built-in honeymoon. You may easily access the cultures of cuisine, wine, and art, “She clarifies. The Eternal City provides a setting for a movie with its instantly identifiable sites, including the Pantheon, Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Trevi Fountain.

Bernini fans may view his sculptures at the Borghese Gallery before enjoying Piazza Navona’s staples (cacio e Pepe, anyone?). No trip to this popular Italian location would be complete without photos at the Spanish Steps.

  1. Japan’s Kyoto

Kyoto’s temples, teahouses, shrines, and cherry blossom-covered gardens are historically and artistically significant. With its well-preserved Buddhist monuments, Shinto shrines, and rich past as Japan’s former capital, Kyoto combines ancient and modern attractions, from the Kyoto Imperial Palace to the lively Nishiki Market.

Do you want more love? Discover the 8th-century Fushimi Inari Shrine, a shrine along Mount Inari with torii-lined walkways. Then proceed to Gion, which has tiered teahouses and streets lined with willows. Book a room at the Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, which offers an excellent vantage point with the Higashiyama mountain range in the background.

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