A lovely adventure in Andaman

How do you, scuba dive?

The act of existing underwater while carrying a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus is called Scuba diving (SCUBA). But, it feels extra like the act of entering a very special world, one in which you almost “fly” weightlessly at the same time as gliding thru the water and joining the mind-blowing world of underwater existence.


Simply positioned, scuba diving is a paranormal enjoyment and is a fairly encouraging hobby.


Who can dive underwater?

All of us have access to open waters due to the fact we live on a planet with oceans. Scuba diving also follows the herbal order of things. Scuba diving has been verified to be a safe sport that permits people of various physical traits and skills to dive effectively and correctly, regardless of the reality that it may seem extremely complicated and “not-for-everyone.”


Divers of all sorts can pick from three specific sorts of dives provided by the Andaman scuba diving direction:


Diver Open Water:

Pass underwater to a depth of 18 meters

Open-Water advanced Diver:

Revel in a few night dives and dive to an intensity of 30 meters.

Nitrox Diver with Enriched Air:

Discover ways to use a unique air aggregate that reduces the frame’s nitrogen content so that you can dive to 36 meters and live down there for more time.


A “Scuba Diver course,” which is a stage below the Open Water Diver, is also supplied using some dive stores. Simplest you and your dive instructor are allowed to dive deeper than 12 meters. You need to agenda your journey according to the varying lengths of the various courses.


Distinct Dives


1. Ship DSD

This one is strongly counseled. This, in our opinion, is the ideal technique for scuba diving within the Andaman. After finishing your office work, principal class, and skill education session, you travel with the aid of a boat (generally a 5–10 minute experience) to your dive website, which is farther out into the ocean and accordingly away from the gang. 

On the majority of Andaman dive boats, you enter the water using acting a “returned roll,” that’s a thrilling experience for novices. The whole program, which incorporates boat logistics as well as system put on, dive briefings, and many others., lasts just over hours.


2. Shoreline DSD

The underwater dive revel is the same as a ship DSD, with the exception that you input the water from the shore to get to the dive web page this time. As the water steadily receives deeper, you tour your dive spot even as diving, start exploring the chosen reef patch, and similarly exit the water by returning to the shore.


PADI DSDs and additional First-Dive types

An international organization for diver training, the professional association of Diving teachers (PADI), gives certified education guides for both recreational and technical diving. There are a few other groups that provide diver certifications, but PADI credentials at the moment are arguably the most legit and extensively frequent in the international of recreational diving.


Whilst is the correct time to dive into Andaman?

You need to go to the Andaman during the non-monsoon season, which commonly lasts from October to May also, to apprehend why the nice scuba diving in India takes vicinity there. Especially in the course of the wintry weather, the water has high-quality visibility all through these months and the climate is first-class.

But keep in mind that rains at some stage in the off-season or uncommon cyclonic weather nullify all diving plans. It’s far constantly recommended to test the weather earlier than you decide to go diving, whether you do so independently or as part of an Andaman scuba diving path. In popular, dive schools are busiest on weekends. In case you need to meet other like-minded people, go on a weekend.


The popular diving in the Andaman Islands

There are numerous dive locations on this planet. But the fascinating oceanic conditions, in addition to Andaman’s breathtaking biome and the cultural uproar that surrounds it, have been drawing divers to go scuba diving there nowadays.


Where To Dive In Andaman


1. In Havelock, diving

Havelock Island is a synonym for diving in the Andaman Islands and is simply the maximum properly appreciated (and for the proper reasons) diving destination inside the Andaman Islands. For boat DSDs, a number of the maximum popular dive sites are Pilot Reef, Lighthouse, Peel, and so forth., which are teeming with colorful reefs, considerable fish, and other marine existence.


2. Neil’s Diving

With fewer divers, fewer boats, and more dive websites to find out than Havelock possibly turned into a long time ago, Neil Island is just like Havelock these days. Since Neil gets so few visitors from vacationers normal and divers, it’s miles and thrilling getaway from Havelock.


Who do I dive with?

You will in no way neglect your first underwater breath, so you probably want to ensure you do it nicely. To find out which dive faculties have nice opinions and a tune report of ethical diving practices, perform little online studies or consult with pals who have experience diving. 


Though PADI offers an unmarried DSD path guiding principle, the people or dive faculty you pick out to dive with will determine how it is taught to you. the Andaman scuba diving direction, Some of the oldest manufacturers within the commercial enterprise include Dive India and Barefoot, which have stellar track records. Both Neil and Havelock are home to dive hotels run by way of Dive India and Scuba Love, respectively.

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