Cheap package holidays: what you need to know

Cheap Holiday ‘tours’ as they are commonly known, are either escorted or unescorted Cheap package holidays  or simply packages in the travel and tourism industry.

Tour packages refer to pre-arranged, prepaid trips that combine more than one travel component, such as airfare, airport transfer, accommodations, and other services. In reality, understanding tour packages is more complex than defining them.

Different types of tour packages

Tourist agencies/tour operators offer lots of ‘tour packages,’ catering to everything from adventure to beach to architecture to culture to business to the conference to incentive tours, ayurvedic packages to Buddhist, religious, incentive tours to cruise trips, educational tours, heritage tours, monument tours, and wildlife lovers. There are five general categories:

An independent tour

Independent tours are designed for people who want to travel on their own. As part of such tours, you’ll get a plane ticket, an air transfer, a hotel room, a travel document, some sightseeing, a boat ride, entertainment, and other stuff.

Tourists can buy every component separately in some cases. As a result, tourists have a lot of freedom to decide what activities they want to do.

Independent tours can be all-inclusive or not. Therefore, tour prices vary based on the type of air travel, the type of air transfer, and the type of accommodation. An independent tour is a foreign independent trip or a domestic independent trip.

An escorted tour

An escorted tour is one where a professional tour manager takes care of all the details for you. Travelers who are visiting a foreign country for the first time usually book escorted tours.

As an escort, you’re supposed to provide travellers with comprehensive information and assistance at origin, en route, and at destination. An example of an escorted tour is an excursion.

Tours organized by hosts

An agency hosts a tour by using another agency’s services at a certain destination. Imagine a French group coming to India. Meets the group at the airport and helps them with their luggage and transfers them to the hotel when they arrive in India.

Their tour host can help you with attractions and entertainment in the area. A different travel agency greets the group at every tourist spot in India when the group arrives at another designation. Basically, a hosted tour gives tourists the best level of service with pre-arrangements and personalization.

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Travel/tour incentives

Employees get a fully paid holiday as a reward or motivational program from their employers. Majority of them are in medium to large companies, usually too far away for them to be motivated to keep up their track record, increase their output, improve their image, and to earn their employees’ loyalty long-term.

Other packages a tour company offers include custom tours, excursion tours, adventure tours, and special interest packages.

Tours with freedom

There’s a growing interest in freedom tours among the working class these days. Company design these tours based on what tourists want. During their holidays, tourists can choose how they travel and enjoy themselves. The kinds of tours we’re talking about here are for people who like to plan their own vacations.

Tour packages: why should you choose them?

  • Opting for a tour package can help you keep money. Traveling with a group usually costs less than traveling alone. The travel agencies can negotiate better deals with airlines and hotels. Also, they can save on transportation.
  • When you travel with a travel agency, you’ve got a better chance of covering a lot of places in a short amount of time.
  • The language barrier and communication difficulties would make it difficult for an individual to find appropriate transportation while traveling. Your overall expenses would also go up.

It’s important to pick the right holiday package if you’re planning a trip to the USA for work or pleasure. Tour packages are available from Chennai and other cities from many reliable travel companies.

Early holidays have many benefits

There are a lot of benefits to booking early, making it a great choice for many travelers. Want to know what they are? Read on. Early bookings are a great idea.

Pay in installments

Certain types of travel, like package holidays, often let you pay a deposit and then pay the rest closer to the trip. Making a booking early makes paying for your holiday a lot easier.

There’s lots of time to save

When you book early, you’ll have more time to save up money for your holiday, as well as more time to pay for your holiday. As a result, you could potentially save a bunch and go all out on your vacation. Experiences and excursions that is more costly or eating at restaurants that are more expensive.

Time off is easier to obtain

When you book early, you can beat your buddies to the holiday dates. When you see a great deal, but your boss can’t give you time off because your colleagues have already requested the dates. Take advantage of those dates by booking early.

Holidays to suit everyone

There’s a lot of traffic in Europe in summer since everyone’s on vacation. The later you leave it to find accommodation and package holidays, the fewer choices you will have. This greatly increases demand for tour companies and hotels. As soon as you can, start planning and booking so you don’t miss out on your first choice.


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This can apply to virtually anything, including flights, lodging, transfers, and even package deals. It can also be a very spontaneous way to travel, because you might end up going someplace new that you had never considered before.

Tour Package Components

There are a lot of differences between tour companies, countries, destinations, and markets in terms of what to include in a package tour. But there are certain well-defined travel services that always turn a part of a package tour irrespective of the tour operator/travel agency, destination, and even the market condition.

If we study and see the package tours offered by international travel companies, find that a package tour has two major components. There are two basic components to a package tour:

  • Travel
  • Arrangements on the ground

In the travel industry, the second component, namely ‘ground arrangements,’ is done by the travel agency management after asking the ground operators for the first component, ‘Travel’.

Handling agencies represent ground operators at a particular destination for a lot of tour companies, so they sell ground arrangements. Also, it’s cheaper than an individual agency. Thirdly, getting credit from the supplier is tough, and lastly, you get professional service.

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Tour Package Formulation Factors

The package tour business generally involves a lot of risks, a high breakeven point, and a great product. In order to manage tours, you need to do a lot of research and planning. The tour manager should consider certain factors before designing a tour, which are crucial to the creation of a good tour.

Tourist satisfaction is impacted by these factors. Here’s what’s important:

  • The purpose of the tour
  • Destination Choices
  • Budget for tourists
  • Requirements
  • Accommodation types
  • Period of tour
  • Information on departure and stay
  • Price of tours; inflation
  • Tools for touring
  • Political stability – tour features
  • Tourism and the host nation’s relationship


Despite the many benefits of booking early cheap package holidays, there’s also some good stuff about booking late. You can take advantage of cancellations and last-minute deals. The good thing about booking early is it’s a less risky way to travel and it gives you something to look forward to when you get there.












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