Gambia: A Gentle Adventure with Sun and Sand

When I was paddling lazily on the Gambia River, the impossible tangles of mangrove roots hidden under the gift of green trees were protected by the intensified morning sun.

My keen guide pointed out some permanent residents. This is not only a story for me. My favorite is the lazy Monitor lizard. Their abdomens are fluttering on husky branches, their legs are like solemn sides, like statues of herons. Dangling. Scan the bank and everything from osprey and hornbill to kite lark. “Although there are no crocodiles,” operator Mark Goddard quickly pointed out. It’s always nice to know. Where To Stay In Gambia

Boating the Gambia River

My kayaking trip from Tanji Fishing Village gave a gentle introduction to the River Gambia, whose name is due to the compact West African country, which briefly extends to its banks In addition, because it winds inland towards Senegal, surrounded by its dialect national ocean.

Here, the Gambia’s series of long sandy beaches, lively bars and restaurants and mid-range resorts, coupled with cheap charter flights and typical temperatures of 29-34 degrees Celsius, provide it with affordable winter sunshine tourism.


With due diligence, after landing in Banjul in late October, I stayed in Henan and rushed along a coastline. The mine is located in the tourist area of ​​Kotu, right next to the Fajara Golf Course, where you can enter Kololi, where Senegambia Beach and nightclubs such as Poco Loco are home to bustling hotels-don’t forget Dirty turndowns in bars and restaurants form the Senegambia strip.

Crossing the coast along the Bijilo National Park can produce quieter, less busy attractions such as Tanji, Sanyang and Gunjur.

Given that the Gambia has long relied on beach vacations, there is no doubt that this is “tourism”, and the least obvious result is that local young men or “scammers” openly prostitution and continue to trouble tourists. Even in the tourist center, it is not difficult to taste the local flavors, and the country’s long-standing culture originates from the country’s long and rich culture, and incorporates tribal cultures such as Mandinka, Chora and Fula.

This fusion incorporates three ubiquitous dishes such as beef stew, yassas, benachin and peanut domoda, supplemented by seafood staples such as ladybirds and white fish , Provides delicious dishes.

My best meal came from local restaurant Kadiekadie’s meals, rice and Prasas dishes, cassava stew, grilled sea bream and delicious organic ginger drink. All are 110 Dalasi (less than 2 pounds). The talents of local musicians range from modern music in hotel bars and nightclubs (such as Kololi’s Poco Loco) to more traditional staples such as strings based on saba drums and strings.

Another popular entertainment in Gambia that is worth exploring is wrestling. This is my first tourist attraction. It was caused by a fierce competition at Rainbow Beach Resort ( in Sanyang City. Summoned from the drums I summoned at the seaside seafood lunch, I stumbled upon a wrestler kneeling on his knees and entering the “Arena”, suggesting a series of carefully prepared pre-match rituals, a bullish parade on the ring and Strange dance.

Everything is fun for the budget-conscious ceremony host Jawla, and as the hypnotic drum builds and falls between anticipation and celebration, there is a sense of relaxation between rounds. The star of the show is veteran singer Crazy Rock, and his avid fans can watch the show at the Bakau Independent Stadium.

My appetite piqued my taste for this country, and I happily left the sunbeds and adventurous upstream country. The compactness of this country makes the few hours’ drive along the north or south shore bring all kinds Experience.

In addition, the opening of the Senegambia Bridge in early 2019 provides a convenient upstream alternative to cross the Gambia River from Banjul to Barra by ferry. (In other words, I do have a soft spot for ferries).

McCarthy Island

I will soon marvel at the megalithic Vasu circle and explore some of the islands in the stream. Author Alex Haley tells the story well in his famous novel “Roots”, and the short bus ferry to Georgetown is reminiscent of this The historic role of regions in the slave trade.

Earlier, I was rusty on Baboon Island. The noon boat trip was full of traces of playful hippos and baboons, and then the sound of overboard lured three of the island’s 130 chimpanzees by the riverside. Performed for tourists, this feat was supplemented by some bananas thrown by my guide.

As the above-mentioned experience shows, the wildlife encountered in the Gambia is rarely “wild”. My trip covered everything from the lifeless bald feeding at the Senegambia Hotel to the Woebegone Reptile Farm in Kartong and the Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool in Bakau. “That’s why I fed you the crocodiles last night,” my guide Mamu joked as we approached Kachkali, and both of us were watching Charlie, the famous and old politician resident.

Other easy-to-access animal interaction activities include monkey ji in Bijilo National Park. For larger games, consider jumping to Senegal from the Fatala border in Senegal and partnering with local operators such as

The birds are impressive. There are more than 550 species of birds in the Gambia, and some bird watching areas (such as Kotu Creek) are just a stone’s throw away from coastal resorts. In addition, there are many local guides here.

My best bird watching is the upstream service provided by Morgan Kunda Lodge ( This commendable non-profit tourism enterprise provides basic accommodations and can provide all the funds obtained from helping nature lovers decode the products offered in the area to help the local village Jarjari, some of whom are singing and dancing improvisation I spent my first night playing drums in the hotel-the highlight of the trip. However, the sunrise made me falter, watching the birds on the Bobron Wetland come to stir.

Walking through the village, I spent a particularly pleasant breakfast early in the morning, watching the birds flying from the firefinch and the yellow weaver to the Kukul in Senegal and the red-billed hornbill flying over the hidden platform of the hut. area.

After the long-term resignation of dictator Yahya Jammeh, the Gambia is still working hard. Before the start of the winter of 2019/20, the collapse of Thomas Cook’s business in the UK brought an untimely blow to the company, but in the long term , This may be a good thing.

At the same time, the Gambia Tourism Board actively seeks to attract more tourists, and encourages from the boat cruise program to its new rural homestay program, to attract more tourists, and to promote more sustainable Useful tourism to reduce dependence on penny travel. Start in Ndemban. Properly handled, it may make Africa’s self-proclaimed “Smile Coast” beam brighter than ever.

Fact file

Getting there: Gambia Experience ( adds weekly departure flights from Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham to Banjul, winter 2019/2020 operated by partner Titan Airways, Portuguese airline TAP Starting in October 2019, three flights a week from Lisbon to Banjul. Travel giant TUI also hopes to increase European capacity in 2020.

Stay: Recently famous attractions include the African Princess and Sunprime Tamala Beach. Although my room in the previous room was pretty good, I found that the resort itself was dying and the layout design was unreasonable. Tamala is better, with a more eye-catching design and a more vivid location.

Another recently opened hotel-and a personal favorite-a ten-room Swiss boutique, facing a spacious pool area and a lovely and peaceful waterfront.

High-end options include Coco Ocean, Prince Charles and Camilla visited here last time, and recommended responsible travel options include Footsteps Eco-lodge. Check for cheap flights to gambia

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