Hauling Your Boat By Yourself? Things To Keep In Mind

When you’re shifting to a new place or want to move around your boat, you have to tow it to the other locations. Boats are not some traditional vehicles that just can be driven on the road or get parked in your garage. That’s why; you need skill and patience while hauling your boat. You can either take professional help or do it by yourself. If you’re eager about doing it yourself, there are some pro tips you need to tow your boat impeccably. Professional companies can be expensive and time-consuming, and to save both, you should skillfully drag your boat.

If you’re embarking on the task of hauling your boat, you’ll need patience, smart work, and proper knowledge. Don’t get stressed as we are going to talk about all the aspects in detail. Your boat is quite precious and valuable to you. Obviously, no one wants to cause any impairment to it due to negligence or a rash decision. That is why when you’re moving homes or want to shift the boat into new waters, follow our mastered tips to haul your boat by yourself successfully. Hauling it on your own allows you with skill and independence from professional help every time you want to move.

Towing a boat by yourself contain several factors like proper equipment, vehicle, driving, paperwork, and much more. Let’s find about them in detail so you can effortlessly haul your boat by yourself-

Choosing The Right Vehicle- 

Like any drive, this step is a mix of safety and comfort. Choose an apt truck or SUV to tow your boat. If you own one that would be wonderful, but if you don’t, then you should rent one which is used by the professional haulers. It also depends on the type of boat you have and its gross weight. You’ll need a robust trailer to accompany the vehicle, and the number of axles and size would be according to the gross vehicle weight. You can also check with the drivers that you choose from boat transportation companies like citizenshipper

Attaching The Vehicle To The Trailer- 

After you’ve decided on the trailer, the next necessity is to attach it properly. You have to put the hitch and the ball in the same line and lower the trailer under the vehicle. Then attach the ball and put the safety pin in. The next thing is to tighten up all the chains and locks. Now does a safety check and take it out for practice.

Towing Your Boat Onto The Trailer-  

There is no rocket science here, you just need to back the trailer until it is entirely underwater, and frontend comfortably touches the water’s edge. Now two tips to keep in mind here is that to keep it straight while driving with the low end of steering, and you have to practice it beforehand many times. Secondly, when the trailer is in, pull the emergency brakes for the position. Attach the boat to the trailer and tighten up all the fasteners.

Driving On The Road- 

While you’ll need to do some practice with driving, there are few key things to keep in mind. First of all, give yourself a comfortable room while taking turns with the boat trailer attached to your vehicle. Secondly, always drive slowly when you’re trying to change lanes, as you can’t see cars from behind your boat quickly. 

Lastly, when you’re backing the vehicle, think of the trailer goes in the opposite direction. So if you’re steering right, it’ll go left and vice versa. Also, for safety, keep checking the weight balance and keep an eye out for any loose fasteners and hinge. One example of it will be to see if your trailer is swaying too much while driving.

Getting Your Boat Off The Trailer- 

This bit needs some patience as when you’ve backed up your trailer until it’s well underwater and your vehicle is safely out, and then pull the breaks. Get out of the vehicle and attach a hook or bowline to the front end of your boat and back of the trailer. Now unfasten the boat and let it smoothly go into the water. Remember, someone is there to take control of it and detach the hook line after the boat is comfortably in the water.

Rules And Safety –

You should have proper registration and driving permission for hauling the boat on the trailer. Also, according to road safety rules, you should arrange appropriate lighting on your trailer for signaling while turning or backing the vehicle up. It is better to seek travel permission from authorities when you’re driving a trailer yourself.

Once you’ve applied those tips, hauling your boat by yourself would be a piece of cake.

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