Places Around Trivandrum For Wedding Photography

Photos serve as a tangible reminder of life’s unforgettable moments. We will be transported back to that time in our lives by the photos. Furthermore, it will revive pleasant memories for us. One of the most cherished moments in life is marriage. Wedding photography now includes discovering captivating places and coming up with novel ideas to capture the newlyweds uniquely. The couple’s beauty might be enhanced by a stunning and expansive location. Of course, capturing the picture in all of its grandeur depends greatly on the imagination of the wedding photographers. Wedding photography has undergone an abrupt change from the conservative and monotonous couple portraits to the specifically staged picture shoots, which are memorable and dynamic. Wedding photography is more about a journey than just taking pictures of wedding ceremonies. It hunt for the ideal locations for wedding picture shoots.

With a multitude of natural settings, Trivandrum remains quite a hotspot, offering ideal locations for wedding photoshoots. Trivandrum presents the ideal backdrop for wedding photos with its exotic places and diverse terrain. 

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Trivandrum is notable for its intricate stone and copper carvings. The Dravidian and Kerala architectural styles have been combined to create a temple that is similar to Thiruvattar’s Adi Kesava Perumal temple. The numerous pillars, high held roof, intricate carvings, and broad, lengthy pathway all contribute to the astounding grandeur of this temple. The temple’s stunning architecture can enhance the elegance of the wedding event. One of the skilled photographers in Trivandrum may work their magic in such a location.

Ponmudi Hill

This small hill town, which is only a few miles from the state capital, has breathtaking views and sights. Walking paths, cascading waterfalls, rocky streams, wildflower meadows, and forests of natural bamboo create the ideal setting for wedding photography.  

 Kanakakunnu Palace

This palace stands in the center of the city and serves as a warm venue for several cultural events. This excellent red façade is located in the middle of a lush, year-round park that is blooming with different types of flora. The All India Dance Festival, which takes place every year between October and March, brings the Palace to life with captivating classical performances by talented dancers. This is the perfect setting for a wedding picture shoot since it allows the photographer to capture exciting moments in beautiful, natural settings with natural lighting. 

Poovar Island

This is the location for you if you truly want to lose yourself in the charm of gliding between the enormous waving trees while the birds cluster around you and the cool winds tangle your hair. This island, which is located between the Arabian Sea and the Neyyar River, has become well-known due to the incredible beauty it holds. The fishing on Poovar Island is also well-known. It has a feature you won’t find anywhere, namely a location where the sea, river, and land converge. The island is constantly crowded with people who adore the outdoors. A natural location for wedding shots is this island’s golden beach, with each grain of glistening sand reflecting the sun’s rays as they fall around it.

Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach, also known as Papanasam Beach, is the only beach in South Kerala with the Varkala formation, which is a group of Cenozoic muddy cliff formations next to the Arabian Sea that the Geological Survey of India has designated as a geological monument. It is located 10 kilometres from Varkala town. Tourists love to sunbathe, swim and watch the sunset there in the late afternoons. Due to the sand’s dark colour, which is caused by the presence of thorium-oxide, it is often referred to as a “black beach.” It is thought to feature a natural spring with healing properties. Dusk photography taken here would turn out exceptionally well because of the low light conditions. 

Sri Chitra Art Gallery

For those who enjoy exquisite art, this venue is a portal to heaven. There is a lot to say about the gallery’s history and artworks. Traditional and modern paintings can be found in the distinct collections of the Mughal, Rajput, Bengali, Rajastani, and Tanjore schools of art. Ancient Chinese, Japanese, Balinese, Tibetan Thangka, and Indian mural paintings are among the antique collections on display. In addition to these, there are a variety of other miniatures. You may also see some unique pieces of art by Ravi Varma. A wedding photoshoot at this location would turn out to be unique and alluring.

Akkulam Lake

Akkulam Lake is a charming backwater location with a tranquil environment. It is constantly thronged by people who enjoy tranquility and the environment and are looking for a great picnic site. The point where the lake and the sea converge offers a beautiful perspective and is the ideal location for a wedding photoshoot. 

Puthenthope Beach

This is the ideal location if you want to take wedding photos with the sunrise and sunset in the background. This beach, which has enormous palm trees lining the sides, is the perfect location for wedding photography in Trivandrum.  

Shanghumukham Beach

There is a long stretch of sand that provides an endless space for taking pictures under the clear blue sky. In addition to taking pictures at the beach, you can also incorporate neighbouring locations in your exclusive wedding photography, such as Jawaharlal Nehru Park of traffic signs for children, Veli tourist village, the military area of Southern Air Command of the Indian Air Force, etc.


The amazing city of Trivandrum provides plenty of enchanting locations that serve as ideal backdrops for wedding photographs. From the timeless elegance of Kovalam’s pristine beaches to the magnificent allure of the Padmanabhapuram Palace, each location has its own unique attraction, ensuring that each couple’s love story is captured in frames that reflect both their bond and the beauty of their surroundings.


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