Planning a Vacation in Colorade US? Waterfalls are Perfect Emotions

Waterfalls… Just one word takes your breath away when you hear that word. Waterfalls are a serious and very majestic element that surprises every tourist who comes to Colorado.

Colorado is the motherland of the most famous American fountains. One has only to look at Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride or South Mineral Creek Falls near Silverton, as they amaze with their height and massive cascades. Read on, which of these waterfalls are must-sees.

Helen Hunt Falls

While in the Colorado Spring area, be sure to go see Helen Hunt Falls. It is famous for its accessibility because it can be reached thanks to SUV rental. After arriving there, you will need to go along a small path that leads to two waterfalls. 

One is Helen Hunt and the other is Silver Falls. It is especially interesting to look at this waterfall in winter when the water freezes and the waterfall turn into a huge glacier.

Fish Creek Falls 

This waterfall is located near the romantic city of Steamboat Springs, which is also easily accessible. It is more than 250 feet in height and beckons because it is wide and majestic. 

The road to the waterfall is not difficult, because if at the beginning of the trip you are concerned about transport to your vacation, then there will be no problems. It will be better if you use a 4×4 rental Denver airport SUV transfer. So, you will not have any inconvenience during the trip.

Bridal Veil Falls

This waterfall is the most majestic and fascinating because it looks completely different from other waterfalls in Colorado. At 365 feet tall, it amazes with its rainbow, which can be seen in all seasons except winter. 

But, it takes a long time to climb up to this waterfall. To get the 4WD SUV to it, you need to spend a lot of time on foot. Be sure to check the opening hours and additional information about this waterfall by contacting the website. We promise it’s worth it.

Seven Falls

Another waterfall available to tourists is Seven Falls. It is 170 feet high and flows through 7 canyons, hence its famous name. Getting to this waterfall is very easy, using the built-in elevator to the mountain in just a few seconds. 

As for the road, it is not easy enough and is located in the Colorado Springs area. It is surrounded by other waterfalls and impresses with its beauty. With the Denver car rental service, you can comfortably and quickly reach any waterfall in the area. We promise you will get real pleasure.

South Mineral Creek Falls

In the region of the southwest corner of Colorado, near the city of Durango, is the equally famous South Mineral Creek Falls. It is two-tiered: the first level is 20 feet, flowing into the next, which is already 35 feet long. 

The best way to get to it is the road from the city of Silverton, which can take you to the waterfall in less than half an hour. We recommend that you check on the website if the waterfall is open at the time of year when you are going to go.

Ouzel Falls

Ouzel Falls is located in a scenic and green area near Rocky Mountain National Park, close to Estes Park. Here, every tourist will be able to see a real miracle in the wild. This waterfall is not a popular tourist icon, as it reaches only 40 feet in height. It flows harmoniously into the riverbed on smooth and huge stones, which give even more beauty to this place.

Zapata Falls

This waterfall is a mysterious place to visit. It is close to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, but getting to it is a difficult task that not many can handle. you need to make your way through the thorny forest and swamp to see this miracle. It is located in a gorge and offers a stunning view of the wilderness. That is why it amazes everyone.

Box Canyon Falls

Box Canyon Falls reaches as much as 280 feet in height and beckons with its grandeur. You can reach it by going through many steps and a large number of paths. From its height opens a beautiful view of the Box Canyon Falls Park, which beckons with its nature. Be sure to visit it.

Waterfall at Hanging Lake

Another unforgettable waterfall is located near the Hanging Lake. This waterfall is especially beautiful in the spring because it is at this time of the year that a dense layer of ice begins to melt and flows down beautifully. Many tourists like to swim near this waterfall in the refreshing water. 

Continental Falls

Continental Falls is no less attractive. They reach a height of up to 1100 feet. Getting to them takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s worth it.


Colorado offers many waterfalls to visit. They are all unique, massive, and unforgettable. Every tourist should visit at least one of them.

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