5 Fastest Web-Browsers for Your Smartphone

Recently, most of us have switched to partial or full use of the Internet through a smartphone. Modern gadgets are in no way inferior to a computer. They allow you to do all the same, and sometimes even more. Finding information, ordering pizza from a restaurant, booking a hotel or a hire car – it’s all now in your pocket. Yes, you can easily book a car hire London Stansted or elsewhere using your smartphone. And the faster your browser is, the faster you will find the hire car you need. 

Now all social networks, many popular sites, platforms, as well as special services have a mobile version. Previously demanded only on computers, browsers also keep pace with the times and offer applications for fast web surfing on your smartphone. So, if you want to find a reliable and most importantly fast browser for your smartphone, check out the following list…

Google Chrome

Google: U.K. antitrust probe targets Chrome privacy changes | Fortune

The browser from Google is famous for its speed, plus it gives you access to the whole system of services. You can use Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and more with a single account. It’s very convenient for both personal needs and work. 

On Android smartphones and tablets, you can use the browser and Google search engine in various applications. This is useful if you need to make an urgent request without losing your open web pages. And of course, let’s not forget that Google is the most popular search engine in the entire world, and there are definitely reasons for that. 

Application advantages:

  • special mode, which consumes less traffic and device performance; 
  • built-in search for any word that you come across on websites;
  • synchronization with other devices and services by using a Google account.

UC Browser 

File:Uc web.png - Wikimedia Commons

This browser is not as popular as a similar product from Google. However, this doesn’t mean it’s somehow worse. In addition to the classic features, UC also offers users fast video download, which is very convenient for those who often download videos and movies from the Internet. 

Also, the UC browser has excellent synchronization with Facebook. You will be able to go to the social network using a quick link, and the browser will take care of your connection to speed up. Even if your connection is rather slow, you can do everything you need on Facebook due to the optimized work. 

Application advantages:

  • unique engine with an updated and optimized way to browse the web; 
  • saving data to speed up loading the next time you visit the site;
  • fast loading of video files and special modes of viewing videos; 
  • adblocking.

Tor Browser 

File:Tor-9.png - Wikimedia Commons

The developer of this browser is the Tor-Project, a non-profit organization. It’s engaged in the creation of software, which maintains complete user privacy on the Internet. Products from the Tor Project really have a high level of protection, so they are in great demand. 

The organization now offers its own mobile browser, with which you can be sure of the security of your data. And, of course, the main advantage of this software is that you don’t need to pay for it. The activities of the organization have an important mission and are entirely funded by donated funds. So, if you feel that you want to help the Tor Project in their fight for the observance of human rights and freedoms on the Internet, you can pay for their work voluntarily. 

Application advantages: 

  • blocking trackers; 
  • protection from tracking programs; 
  • multi-stage data encryption; 
  • access to web pages that have been blocked by your internet provider.

Puffin Web Browser 

Puffin | Post completo: Puffin, navegador móvil, rápido y co… | Flickr

The distinguishing feature of this mobile browser is speed. Of course, many of us use browsers to view various photos, videos, and interact with various web elements. Puffin Browser takes this to a whole new level as it includes the latest Flash Player. 

Application advantages:

  • very high page loading speed; 
  • ability to save data so that web page re-processing takes much less time;
  • ability to work with a virtual joystick and mouse;
  • protection of data stored in the cloud service.


iPhone 5S | Kārlis Dambrāns | Flickr

Owners of Apple smartphones and tablets actively use the Safari browser. This software was really developed specifically for iOS, but now dedicated fans and simply researchers of the new can use it on Android smartphone. 

Application advantages:

  • fast page loading, small window mode, and other additional features; 
  • playing video in the background while you continue to work with your device in other programs;
  • blocking annoying ads; 
  • increased protection against malware.

Opera Free VPN 

Opera Browser | Faster & safer Internet | Free Download | Flickr

Opera mobile browser is a real find for those who don’t want to share their data on the Internet. With the help of Opera, you can hide your IP address and visit sites in an invisible mode. In addition, the developers have perfectly organized the browser interface for the convenience of users. 

It also has a news feed, switching between synchronized devices, as well as an organized file manager that provides a comfortable download. Opera keeps up with the times. So, it provides a personalized news feed for each individual user. Artificial intelligence will learn which sites you visit most often and what you are looking for on the Internet. Accordingly, it will select news to suit your interests. 

Application advantages:

  • additional modes for reading/night browsing; 
  • incognito mode for private web browsing; 
  • automatic reading of QR and barcodes; 
  • built-in free VPN system to change your IP address.

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